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H1Z1 1.20 Update: What’s Been Fixed?

Another week, another set of H1Z1 patch notes to give you the rundown of what’s been fixed in Daybreak Game Company’s battle royale. This time, the H1Z1 1.20 update promises to make the title a much more stress-free experience on PS4, as well as applying some spit and polish to the game’s more persistently aggravating issues, such as stability problems. Read on for the full list of H1Z1 1.20 patch notes.

H1Z1 1.20 Update: Main Changes

As already mentioned, Daybreak Game Company are definitely doubling down on making H1Z1 as stable as possible with the 1.20 update. Not only does it address stuttering and lag issues, the changes also (fingers crossed) will stop the game crashing, which has been a problem that has plagued both PS4 and PC users alike.

H1Z1 1.20 Update: How to Download

For PS4 users, you’ll simply want to boot up the game and, upon doing so, you’ll be met with a 1.20 update download notification should you be currently logged into the PlayStation Network. Head to notifications (press up on your d-pad on the PS4’s main menu) to see how long the download will take to finish and, once that’s done, quit out of H1Z1 and restart the application to ensure the game has installed correctly.

H1Z1 1.20 Update: Full Patch Notes

As Daybreak tend to do, the full patch notes for H1Z1 1.20 are frustratingly brief and vague. No specific fixes have been detailed but, as you can see for yourself, the triumvirate of testing conditions for any battle royale gamer, crashing, stability and lag, are all the agenda:

  • Added fixes for crashing issues.
  • H1Z1 version 1.20 added stability improvements
  • Added fixes for stuttering/lag issues.

There you have it. Not a great deal to set tongues wagging, but if it’s the fundamentals that Daybreak Game Company feel needs working on then it’s helpful that they’re prioritizing it sooner rather than later.