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Rocket League Jurassic World DLC: Price, Dinosaur Goal Celebration

What do rocket-powered soccer cars have in common with dinosaurs? Probably not a lot but, hey, money talks! Joking aside, the new Rocket League Jurassic World DLC finds a way to make even the Jeep look cool, plus there’s a few nifty items and one helluva goal celebration to get worked up about. Everything you need to know about the pack, from its price to every item included, is below.

Rocket League Jurassic World DLC: Items

It wouldn’t be a piece of Jurassic World DLC without a Jeep now, would it? The Jeep Wrangler, with both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World decals, are included in the pack. But that’s not all. Three player banners, three antennas and a new themed topper also go alongside the piece de resistance: an explosive T-Rex goal celebration sure to annoy all but the most stoic of Rocket League players. I can’t help but think they missed out big time on not including a Jeff Goldblum-themed topper, though.

Rocket League Jurassic World DLC: Price

As always with these Rocket League packs, the Rocket League Jurassic World DLC will cost you $1.99/£1.69. Probably worth it for the dinosaur goal celebration alone.

Rocket League Jurassic World DLC: Dinosaur Goal Celebration

Speaking of which, you can take a peek at the dinosaur goal celebration in the launch trailer below. Already ranking among the top goal celebrations such as Batman’s flock of bats and, yes, the dabbing Grim Reaper, I’ll bet good money that players will get a lot of mileage out of the T-rex celebration. In case you haven’t seen it a thousand times already: the Dinosaur goal celebration sees a fiery T-Rex spring forth from the goal upon scoring, roaring at any car in its sights. Again, Jeff Goldblum would’ve been better but that could be said about anything, really.