Box art - Limbo

Limbo Switch Release Date: When Will Limbo and Inside Come to Switch?

Limbo and Inside, two of the most beloved indie games from the minds of Playdead Studios, are coming to Nintendo Switch. So, when you can expect to add a dose on monochrome and melancholy to your life, and will you be able to play them on the go? Unfortunately, details are a little thin on the ground, but there is a definitive release date – and it’s heading our way very, very soon.

Limbo Switch Release Date: When Is Limbo Coming to Switch?

Limbo Switch will be out on Thursday, 28 June. No, not a Tuesday or Friday. Playdead like to keep us on our toes, after all.

Limbo Switch Release Date: Is Inside Also Coming to Switch?

Yes! While it’s not known if they’re coming in a two-for-one package, both Limbo and Inside are coming to Nintendo Switch on the very same day.

Limbo Switch Release Date: Extra Features

Not much is known about Limbo Switch, nor Inside’s first release on a Nintendo console. As is standard, you’d imagine it can be played in both handheld and docked mode for gaming on the go but, apart from that, there isn’t a whole lot to go on. It’d be wise to expect a straight-up port of the title; don’t go in with the anticipation of having a bevvy of Nintendo goodies or a Mario cameo waiting you. It’ll be a perfect edition for the three people who have yet to experience either game, as well as those who want the safety blanket of playing Limbo Switch and Inside wherever they go.

Limbo Switch Release Date: Price

This one, too, is still up in the air. With titles such as Golf Story being available for under $10/£10 in recent weeks, it’d be madness for Limbo and Inside to debut for anything above that price point. Here’s hoping we get a double pack for roughly $15 or equivalent, seeing as how one half of the package has been out for a decade now.