When Are the Steam Summer Sale 2018 Start and End Dates?

The Steam Summer Sale is a yearly tradition for Valve, and the 2018 event is right around the corner. Sure, your backlog is probably already hundreds of titles long, but the savings! If you’re a PC gamer, you spend most of the year frothing at the mouth to see what goodies are up for grabs in the Steam Summer Sale 2018 and we’ve got the start date and end date so you can plan your wallet’s demise.

Steam Summer Sale 2018 Dates

Steam Summer Sale 2017 started on June 22, and the year before that it started on June 23, so we can make a safe bet and say the Steam Summer Sale will begin on the fourth Thursday in June. This year that falls on June 21. Backing this up is the fact that the Steam Database has already tweeted that the sale will start on June 21.

Steam hasn’t commented on the start or end date of the summer sale yet, but it usually doesn’t. In the past the sale has run for two weeks, ending on the first Tuesday in July. That means this year the Steam Summer Sale end date is most likely going to be July 3. The sale usually starts and ends around 1 PM ET. Based on screens of a PR email (which GR did not receive) those start and end times seem to be correct. However, the same email says the sale will end on July 5, which may very well be the case.

If you’re worried about missing particular deals during Steam Summer Sale 2018, you can put your mind at ease. Valve has moved away from the previous flash sale model, and now all discounts are available at the onset of the sale and remain in place until the end. That means you have a full two weeks to stew over whether or not that 50% off is enough to make you pull the trigger.

We’ll see tomorrow if SteamDB and Reddit’s reports are right as the Steam Summer Sale 2018 should begin in the afternoon.