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PS4 Fortnite Bundle: Exclusive Skin, Free V-Bucks

According to an alleged accidental slip of the finger over on the official PlayStation Italia page on Facebook, there appears to be a PS4 Fortnite bundle on the way. Not only will it include the game presumably pre-loaded, there are a bunch of other Fortnite goodies, including an exclusive Fortnite skin. Here’s when you can pick it up, and what’s included.

PS4 Fortnite Bundle: What’s Included?

Fortnite, despite being free, will, wisdom would dictate, come with a download code as part of the bundle. If you buy the PS4 Fortnite bundle you’ll also get 500 V-Bucks added to your Epic Account and also an exclusive Royal Bomber skin. The perfect starter pack, then, for those looking to jump on the Fortnite bandwagon.

PS4 Fortnite Bundle: Release Date

According to the PlayStation Italia page, the bundle will release on July 16.

PS4 Fortnite Bundle: Price

It is expected that the PS4 Fortnite bundle will retail for a similar price to the base PS4 model, which sells at roughly $290/£300 for the 1TB model. However, it is not specified whether the console with be of the 500GB or 1TB variety, though most bundles are 1TB PS4 consoles.

PS4 Fortnite Bundle: Exclusive Sony Skin

As you can see above, the PS4 exclusive skin will be the Royal Bomber Skin, which includes an army uniform, a snazzy beret and sunglasses. It’s also topped off by an ammo belt draped across the chest. While Nintendo and Microsoft are working together to advertize Fortnite cross-play on their consoles, Sony have gone a different route in incentivizing players to stick with Sony by introducing a brand-new skin not available on any other console. That’s probably only the start of the escalation in exclusives, so watch this space.

PS4 Fortnite Bundle: Will There Be Cross-Play?

Lol. Nope. It’s a bundle, not some sort of miracle machine.

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