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Mario Tennis Aces Reflection Room: How to Beat the Gears & Clock Puzzle

The Mario Tennis Aces Reflection Room stage is one of the first big stumpers of the game. Instead of facing off against an opponent, you’re challenged with a series of tasks that you have to solve by hitting the ball against a mirror. Knowing what order to hit the blue orbs in is tough as there’s no explainer telling you what to do. The Reflection Room puzzle in Mario Tennis Aces also has a segment with gears and clocks that is absolutely maddening if you’re rushing to beat the timer. Read on below to find out exactly how to conquer the puzzle in the Reflection Room stage in Mario Tennis Aces.

How to Beat the Reflection Room Puzzle in Mario Tennis Aces

When you first start the stage, you’ll be facing a mirror. A number of blue orbs will appear on the mirror and start moving around. There’s little prompting from the game telling you what you should do here, but it’s not too hard to figure it out once you know the concept behind the puzzle.

When you hit one of the blue orbs with the tennis ball, it’ll make a noise. There are two different sounds the orbs can produce; one means that you haven’t hit the right orb, and one means you have. You basically just have to use a process of elimination to bounce the ball off the right orb. When you do the orbs will fade away, and a greater number will take their place.

Once you clear the orb puzzle three times, you’ll move onto the next part of the Reflection Room puzzle.

The next part of the Mario Tennis Aces Reflection Room puzzle has you once again hitting the ball at a mirror. This time a clock will appear in the middle of the mirror with a few gears floating around it. This part is actually easier than the blue orbs if you know what to do.

All you have to do here is hit the gears. Zone shot stars will begin appearing which will make your job much easier. Once you clear the first series of gears, another will appear. Each wave of gears moves faster than the last, and eventually, you’re going to have to aim in front of the gears with your zone shot instead of straight at them. Leading the gears with your shot is really the trick to beating the last part of the Reflection Room puzzle in Mario Tennis Aces.

After you clear, the gears the level is over, and you can continue moving forward!