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Destiny 2 Hotfix What’s Changed in the June 26 Update?

While there’s still a bigger, exotic-based update on the horizon, a new Destiny 2 hotfix aims to solve an issue that has been bugging users who have recently purchased the Fighting Lion Pack. Namely, the Lupis Visage ornament not being unlocked for players. Here’s everything that has changed thanks to Destiny 2 hotfix, and when you can exactly expect the June 26 update start time.

Destiny 2 Hotfix What’s Changed in the June 26 Update?

As per Bungie’s official site, the hotfix landing this week to allow Destiny 2 users who purchased the Fighting Lion pack to finally get their hands on the missing Lupis Visage ornament. Full notes are below:

Fighting Lion and the Iron Ornament Bundle

Destiny Player Support investigated an issue impacting players who purchased the Iron Ornament Bundle on Tuesday, June 19, in which the included ornament “Lupus Visage” did not properly unlock on Fighting Lion after it was activated.

  • We have identified all impacted accounts, and this issue will be resolved for all affected players in an upcoming hotfix. To prevent further impact until a hotfix is deployed, this bundle has been pulled from the Eververse Trading Co. storefront.
  • In the meantime, players who have successfully equipped this ornament will not be impacted as long as they do not unequip the ornament or dismantle the specific Fighting Lion that the ornament has been applied to.
  • For players who encounter this issue before the hotfix is released, here’s what you should expect when this hotfix is available:

    The Lupus Visage ornament will already be unlocked, and you can find it by directly inspecting Fighting Lion from your vault, collection, or character inventory.
  • For affected players who do not yet own Fighting Lion, the Lupus Visage ornament will not appear in your modifications inventory, postmaster, or vault. It will appear when previewing Fighting Lion once it has been obtained in game.
  • As with all Exotic weapon ornaments, once owned, it can be applied and removed on the Fighting Lion freely without cost to materials or currency.

Destiny 2 Hotfix Release Date/Start Time

A start time for the Destiny 2 hotfix is expected to be around 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm BST. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), this is around the same time Xur will leave until Friday, June 29.

Please note, you may be logged out of the game at this time while the hotfix is readied and takes effect.