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Overwatch Calm Before the Storm Explained: What Is It Teasing?

Blizzard recent unveiled the Overwatch Calm Before the Storm teaser. But what does the teaser mean? What is coming next for the game? These are just a few of the questions that fans are wondering right now about the popular online FPS. With such a vibrant and active community, Blizzard is always looking to expand upon the game’s content.

The Overwatch Calm Before the Storm teaser seems to be teasing the next major content update for the game. But what is it teasing exactly? The 28th Hero for the game? A new map for players to hop on and check out? We hope to give you our thoughts on what we think it is and, more importantly, when we could find out.

Overwatch Calm Before the Storm Explained

Let’s begin by explaining what Blizzard has revealed regarding Overwatch Calm Before the Storm. Simply put, those words are exactly everything you need to know alongside the image above. A few days ago, Blizzard tweeted the short video with those words captioned. The video is mostly static so everything you need to know is in the image above.

The image from the Overwatch Calm Before the Storm teaser contains posters and graffiti that hint at what this could be. The most obvious parts that stick out is the poster of Lucio live in concert and the rampant Horizon Lunar Colony references. The reworked Horizon now has a room that belongs to Hammond, presumably the Space Monkey shown.

That lends itself to making it seem like the monkey in this teaser must be Hammond, who could be Hero 28. However, many fans have noted that the anti-Omnic rhetoric shown is common in the UK, which could be signs of a new map to release. However, this is still one more option regarding the Overwatch Calm Before the Storm. Part of the wall on the far right side is covered up by a poster.

We are only able to see the word “yard” and what looks like an “S” to the left of the poster, along with the silhouette of someone. The word could be shipyard and the person could very well be the long-awaited Queen of Junkertown. She, too, could be Hero 28. Or what if she and Hammond are together in some way as a single hero?

Regardless of who it is, we do believe this Overwatch Calm Before the Storm tease is regarding Hero 28 and not necessarily just a new map. This is because of timing. It has been a few months since Brigitte now so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the team to begin teasing the next Hero.