Captain Spirit Phone PIN: Dad’s Cellphone Unlock Code

Finding your dad’s phone PIN in Captain Spirit is probably the most maddening task the game has to offer. You’ll likely be banging your head against the wall trying to unlock the cellphone, and we don’t blame you. This infuriating Captain Spirit phone puzzle has an answer that hardly anyone could anticipate, mostly because it just doesn’t make any sense. Below, we’ll show you how to piece together the clues and figure out what your dad’s phone PIN is in Captain Spirit.

What’s Your Dad’s Phone PIN in Captain Spirit?

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is full of all kinds of documents that have dates, times, and other numbers on them. This means the possible source of the phone PIN is vast. As a bit of an illustration, we’ll break down what we tried for the PIN before we figured it out.

  • 01/25/1986: Your Mom’s Birthday
  • 05/01/2006: Your parent’s anniversary.
  • 02/08/2007: Your birthday.
  • 12/16/2014: The day your mom died.
  • 7:15 PM: The time your mom died.
  • 12/20/2014: The day of your mom’s funeral.
  • 12:00 PM: The time of your mom’s funeral.
  • 2005: The year your dad won the basketball championship (and the code for the combo lock in the garage).

Yes, we mixed and matched those in every single way we could think of. Surely, it had to be one of those, right? Wouldn’t your dad set the PIN to something of some sort of significance? Well, if you thought so you’d be wrong. Your dad is obviously not sentimental in the least, as the code to his phone has nothing to do with his family or life.

The PIN code to your dad’s phone in Captain Spirit is “42983294.” Where does that number come from? What secret source did we divine it from? Well, it’s “hawtdog” spelled using an alphanumeric keypad. How were we supposed to figure that out? Well, you want to play Hawt Dog Man, so why not?