Box art - Life is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2: Captain Spirit Sean and Diaz Easter Egg Guide

Life is Strange 2 dropped its official trailer at Gamescom 2018 on Monday evening, and gave fans a first look at the sequel’s protagonists Sean and Diaz. Despite being the newest playable characters in DONTNOD’s follow up to Life is Strange, Sean and Diaz have already featured in the franchise – playing a bit-part role in Life is Strange 2‘s prequel game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Here’s a quick Easter Egg guide on how and where to see the duo if you missed them first time around.

How to Find Sean and Diaz in Captain Spirit

Life is Strange 2‘s pair are seen right at the end of Captain Spirit when – spoilers – that game’s protagonist Chris falls from his treehouse, after a fight with his alcoholic father, and stops himself from breaking a fair few of his bones with a last-minute telekinetic halting (skip to 31:00 in the below video to begin the sequence). You would expect Chris to be the individual with the powers – given that it would be great to see someone who dresses up as a superhero actually have powers – but it is, in fact, one of Sean and Diaz who prevents a tragic accident.

The duo are seen waving to Chris immediately after this shock reveal, and it appears that both of them are next door neighbours to the kid who dubs himself Captain Spirit. Judging by Life is Strange 2‘s official trailer, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see if it is Sean who possesses telekinetic powers as he looks to protect younger Diaz on their trek from Seattle to their home in Puerto Lobos, Mexico. It’s a cool little Easter Egg that ties Captain Spirit and Life is Strange 2 together perfectly ahead of the latter’s first episode being released, but hopefully it means we haven’t seen the last of Chris too.