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Fortnite Update Time: When Will the Update 4.5 Patch Notes Come Out?

The typical Fortnite update time is at 8 a.m. GMT on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. Recently, Epic Games has started to roll out two updates: the full, new-content-adding patch on Tuesday, and the challenge-activating, balance-tweaking hotfix on Thursday. Due to how consistent the developer has been with rolling out these updates, many players have gotten used to always seeing new content released on those two days, at that 8 a.m. GMT time. Unfortunately, it looks like Epic Games is changing things up for this week, as it has already passed the usual time of update deployment. Perhaps the patch will be coming later today? Or maybe it’s not coming at all? Let’s discuss when exactly the Fortnite 4.5 update patch notes release date will be.

Fortnite Update Time: When Will the Update 4.5 Patch Notes Come Out?

If you were hoping for a Fortnite update time at some point today, it’s unfortunately not looking likely. Epic Games hasn’t launched the patch at the usual 8 a.m. GMT time, and hasn’t mentioned any delay on social media. It just looks like there wasn’t any patch planned.

On a happier note, we do know that the developer is planning to introduce the Fortnite Playground limited time mode, giving players a chance to build and fight with their friends on their own private island. The Playground mode is currently listed as “coming soon,” and so is expected to be implemented with the upcoming patch. As we’ve not seen an update today, the next best guess is a Thursday launch. (It should be noted that features listed as “coming soon” can experience delays, however.)

The new Fortnite update is expected to be listed as “Patch 4.5,” introducing changes to both Battle Royale and Save the World. As this is presumably the final week of Season 4, there may be some additional changes to make the Season’s conclusion more exciting.