Advance Wars: Days of Ruin FAQ/ Walkthrough


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*Advance Wars: Days of Ruin*



Advance Wars: Days of Ruin FAQ/Walkthrough

For Nintendo DS

Version 1.5 (4/27/08)

Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"

Email: [email protected]



Version 1.0 - just completed the game. I repeat, a guide to complete the game

only. S ranks where applicable, but that's not the goal of this guide, at

least this version. Should be S ranks for all but 7.


Version 1.5 - added CO section, UK translations, and fixed things up a bit

after so long.



Table Of Contents


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1. A Brief Foreword

2. ControlsCON2222

3. Starter TipsTIPS333

4. WalkthroughFAQ4444

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Ch01Days of Ruin

Ch02A Single Life


Ch04Moving On

Ch05New Allies

Ch06Fear Experiment

Ch07A Kind of Home

Ch08A New Threat

Ch09The Beast

Ch10Almost Home

Ch11A Storm Brews

Ch12History of Hate

Ch13Greyfield Strikes

Ch14A Hero's Farewell

Ch15Icy Retreat

Ch16Hope Rising

Ch17The Creeper

Ch18Panic in the Ranks


Ch20Waylon Flies Again

Ch21Lin's Gambit

Ch22The Great Owl

Ch23Sacrificial Lamb

Ch24Crash Landing

Ch25Lab Rats


5. Units and TerrainUNIT555

6. Commanding OfficersCOCO666

7. UK Translations

8. Author Info / Copyright


* 1. A Brief Foreword *


Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is a great game, so were the last ones, etc., blah

blah. It's all good. Game has a good story, not great, but good - had to

throw that in there.

What I want to say in this foreword is just a love letter to all my readers.

I appreciate all the people who use my guides, and even the people that just

use bits and pieces of them - don't care for the ones that just use the

email address if the answer they search for is in the guide, but oh well. And

I especially love the people that visit my website, and I hope to expand it

in the near future. I really love those that have used multiple guides from

me; like, almost in THAT WAY!

I love you all, every one. Some thought that from my Assassin's Creed FAQ

section that I hated all my readers. No, it's just that... well you know

when... but if... uh, I love you guys - leave it at that.



* 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) *


Stylus - to do everything pretty much, but I use the buttons

A - select unit, confirm selections, access pause menu to end turn

B - cancel, hold cursor over unit and hold for attack range

X - swaps info on top screen

Y - voice chat in multiplayer... voice chat?

L - scroll through unmoved units, an important button

R - zoom

Control Pad - move cursor

START - toggle mini map, skip dialogue

SELECT - pause menu

MIC - speak to other players... voice chat?


* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) *


*The terrain is your friend - that is probably the most important tip I can

give you. This is where the mechs are great because they can climb mountains.

Just know that when you're attacking, or when you're getting within range of

an attack, you should set your unit in the best spot.

*Quantity over quality - there is little reason to save up your money for the

biggest unit possible. The War Tank is nice, but a bunch of normal Tanks can

do more damage. Yes, if you are making thousands of dollars, be sure to get

what you need. Tanks and AA units and Battle Copters and Infantry should be

your normal selections; everything else is case-by-case.

*Always know thy enemy's range - try to stay out of striking distance of

feared units.

*Conservativeness wins again! - that means holding off to strike. Usually pays

off in your technique and power scores too. This also ties into building big

units too.

*Retreat - simple as that. Just retreat your weak units to go get healed. Of

course this is only if you care about the score.

*Don't spam the field - spamming works in most situations, but sometimes it is

best to stock up for a big toy. To build a ton of units is to win early on,

but if you see the scales tipping in the enemy's favor, consider holding onto

your funds.

*Land, sea, and air - you must try to control one before you go after the any

others. Yes, tackle all three as you go, but lean slightly toward taking one

away from your enemy. The sea is pretty easy to hold, as the naval units are

hella expensive. AAGuns are easy to spam to counter the air force. And of

course, sea and air units all counter the ground game.

*Use the Left button - that is so you don't have units just sitting around.

Sitting on funds is okay, but there is absolutely no reason to leave units just

sitting. Well, unless they are stuck on an island, literally.


Scoring in Advance Wars:

Speed - how fast you win, so play with some urgency

Power - how many units you kill in one turn, so hold back for a big hit

Technique - how few of units you use relative to your enemy, or at

least I think that is it

Note that you can get very high scores, up to 400 and over. An S rank is

anything over 300, so get about 100 in each stat. If all else fails, just

win as fast as you can.


* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) *


Days of Ruin Walkthrough


Ch01: Days of Ruin


Start by selecting Will, or the new Bike unit to the game, and then move left.

Press A or Select, and then select End Turn. Then you get a Tank and Recon. Use

the both to hit the enemy Recon. Then kill the other two units. Easy. Just

remember to pay attention to the tutorial info on the top screen as you play,

unless you've played before.


Ch02: A Single Life


Move the tank to attack the infantry, then put your infantry on the mountain to

finish it off. Move your artillery up right behind the tank.

On day 2, move your infantry over to the blinking ruins to advance the story.

Then use the artillery to blast second recon, then have the tank shoot the

recon right next to it.

Day 3, have your artillery shoot the tank, finish off the recon, and leave your

infantry be.

Day 4, have your artillery shoot the bike, tank engage the other tank, and move

your infantry into the road to block the bike. And on day five just finish it



Ch03: Freehaven


Day 1, send both tanks up to attack the two infantry, have your mechs finish

them off, and then place your artillery in a little aclove in the mountains.

If placed right, the enemy recon can't reach it and the artillery will be

covering a good portion of the road.

Day 2, use the artillery to attack the recon, finish it off with a tank in

the woods, and bring the other tank up, but make sure both tanks are out of

range of the enemy tank. Place the mech to the east up one space so that it

won't be hit, and move the other up.

Day 3, artillery shoot tank, one tank attack recon, mech finishes off same

recon, other mech attacks artillery, and other tank attacks the enemy tank from

the woods.

Day 4, artillery attack artillery, retreat both mechs so you can join them next

turn, use one tank to attack a bike and block the road, then use the other to

finish off the recon.

Day 5, finish off other bike with tanks.


Ch04: Moving On


Day 1, shoot the flare off as far up as you can (you shoot a flare by not

moving the Flare unit). Move both mech units up, then use the artillery to

shoot the bike in the woods. Put the tank in the woods and the recon behind the

mech on the road. The infantry unit will die, so you can do whatever.

Day 2, shoot off another flare, somewhere up, or you could move the flare to a

safe wooded area. Move the infantry up and the artillery, both into woods.

Use recon to attack damaged enemy unit, then have a mech attack the other one

from the mountains. Finish it off with the bike from the space below it. Then

move the damaged mech into the woods on its left, then move the tank up and

into some woods.

Day 3, artillery attack recon and your recon finish off the same enemy recon.

Tank to the other recon and finish it off with the bike or mech.


Ch05: New Allies


Quick Strat


Take the three buildings, be aggressive but smart with your three starting

vehicles, bring your mech up, and build tanks once you can. Retreat no one if

wounded. Should get an S if aggressive; an A if you play more conservatively.

Full Strat


Day 1, mech to capture factory, infantry to the nearby city, and the bike to

the far away city. Then move artillery along the road, tank as far as it can

go, and the recon east and then north along the road, but short of the other

recon's attack range.

Day 2, have your recon and tank attack the recon in reach to kill it. Place

the artillery behind both units. Finish all your captures.

Day 3, artillery attack the tank, tank attack tank, bike attack bike at city,

infantry attack other bike, and then retreat recon to city. Build a tank.

Day 4, new tank attack recon, old tank attack other tank so that its will be

out of range of the incoming mech, use bike and infantry to kill weakest bike,

have recon attack capturing bike, have mech finish off recon, and then build

another tank.

Day 5, mech kill capturing bike, new tank kill enemy infantry (as opposed to

killing your own), have bike attack mech, best tank finish off mech, move other

tank behind the other tank, and build another tank. FYI, just leave the rest

where they are.

Day 6, move a full tank to attack the tank that attacked you, finish it off

with the mech, move the tanks as close to the artillery as possible, keeping

the wounded tank safe, and bring up your new tank. Make another tank and

retreat everyone else.

Day 7, have a full tank attack the enemy tank, then move your one good tank

onto the HQ to attack the artillery north of it, have the other two tanks

gang up on the artillery south of the HQ, and then finish off the tank with

your mech. Build a tank.

Day 8, finish off both artillery.


Ch06: Fear Experiment


*NOTE: This gets you an A, which is good, but I can't find how to get an S

rank. I'll try pulling units back instead of being aggressive next time. I WILL

make a strat so that you get an S, but later. This will get you through the

level with an A, and just beating the level is the goal of the guide now.*

Day 1, to the north, have the mech take the factory and the infantry take the

city on its left. To the south, have the infantry and bike take a city and

move the mech east. Put a tank in the city to the east, place the recon behind

it, the artillery behind it, and put the other tank in the wasteland by the


Day 2, finish your captures. Artillery attack the enemy tank and finish it off

with your wounded tank at the city. Have your recon attack the infantry

capturing the city (place it off the road) and use the tank to attack the

other infantry nearby. Move the mech east again and end turn.

Day 3, to the south, have your bike attack the mech and finish off the bike

with the other two, though the bike may have one hp. Move the soldiers to the

north east, but have the mech capture the other city. Basically, move the two

tanks to attack the enemy tank so that they are both west and south of the

tank. Then attack the infantry unit from the road and place the artillery

behind the tanks, in the city. Build a bike.

Day 4, if the tank ran, chase it down and kill it. Use your artillery and

soldiers to kill almost all of the enemy soldiers, using the mech and recon to

damage the enemy recon. Again, build another bike. And go east with the other.

Just keep your units away from the mech if they are weak. Build a bike.

Day 5, retreat your artillery to a city in the northwest corner. Use your mech

and recon and maybe a bike to finish off the enemy recon by your factory area.

Finish off the other mech. If you have a good tank (4-5 hp), use it to pester

the other recon, and try to block the road if you can; hopefully you have

the enemy recon on the west rather than retreating east. Build nothing.

Day 6, should be able to merge your mechs. Try to eliminate the recon, but

probably not, so try to attack from its east side so it can't retreat as well.

Capture the two central cities and build nothing again. I hope your artillery

is still sitting on a city and healing. Send no one east to grab those other

two cities, just ignore them.

Day 7, finish your captures, buy a tank, and finish off the recon (I can only

hope). That's about all you can do, and move your tank toward your easternmost


Day 8, retreat anything west. Your artillery should be full, and if not, just

move it onto the woods area by your one city. Position your mech and tank onto

both of the central cities, and place whatever else in between your

artillery and the enemy. Also, build an Anti-Tank.

Day 9, kill the Medium Tank if you can, however you can, and then rearrange

your line so that new bullet shields are protecting the artillery. Move your

new Anti-Tank (AT) behind the artillery. And probably can't build anything,

so don't.

Day 10, try to kill the other MTank, but it most likely has 1hp. Again, just

rearrange your line so that the War Tank can't touch your artillery and your

AT. Move the AT as close as you can, just behind your units on the touching

the MTank. Build either a tank or AT, your call.

Day 11, just kill the WTank.


Ch07: A Kind of Home


*NOTE: Sans a single unit dying, or perhaps one day too many, you'll get

darn close to an S rank with this. Maybe don't send the BCopter anywhere.*

Day 1, mech, bike, and infantry should all capture cities to the south. The

Missile to the north should kill the bomber, Anti-Air gun should attack Duster,

move the Missile to the south to the space above the Duster, move all other

units along the south road, and then build two infantry.

Day 2, the Missile should be able to hit a fighter, tank attack recon, eastern-

most AAGun should finish off recon, other AAGun should kill Duster, move other

Missile to the southern road, push everyone east along the road, but keep the

recon and BCopter out of harms way, and build two bikes. Move one infantry

along both roads, or whatever, it doesn't matter.

Day 3, westernmost Missile should be able to kill Bomber and artillery attack

tank. Position the other Missile, AAGun, and recon just out of reach of the

enemy Rocket. Send two foot soldiers east, and your bikes up north with one

infantry. Build an AAGun. Remember to keep your BCopter safe.

Day 4, AAGun attack Duster and recon attack Rocket. Have your bikes up north

start capturing, and then position your guys along the south road just outside

of the Bomber's range, pretty much ignoring what the Duster may do. Bring forth

the new AAGun and have your two infantry along this road capture the two

cities. Build another AAGun.

Day 5, recon should finish off Rocket. Bikes should capture, and then have your

infantry and other bike kill the enemy infantry up here. Send your new

AAGun along the north road too. Finish your captures south. Send your BCopter

and tank after the enemy mech, and place your artillery behind both. Then place

both Missiles just out of the range of the Bomber, but make sure they are as

far east as you can get them. Move the eastern AAGun up north, but not as far

as it can go, and send the other AAGun east. Build another AAGun.

Day 6, the Missiles and AAGun by the Fighter and Bomber should take both out,

however you wish but you'll probably use all three units no matter what. The

rest is moving your soldiers around to capture and then placing your AA units

into position to kill the last few enemy air units. Build two AAGuns for good


Day 7, try to finish the fight, but maybe not. Go through the capturing stuff.

Move all your remaining units to around the last enemy air unit, no matter what

you want to limit its places to hide. And place your Missiles so they cover

each other. Build two more AAGuns, or whatever.

Day 8, you better win now.


Ch08: A New Threat


Quick Strat


Keep air units to the north, and capture the northern buildings ASAP. Send

attack force down the bridge, but not in range of the artillery. Break

through on the fifth day and then start sending everything east.

Full Strat


*NOTE: Again, an A rank.*

Day 1, load infantry into TCopters. West bike takes westernmost city, and the

other bike takes the easternmost city; mech take a city too. BCopter attack

enemy infantry to the north, and then bring both TCopters to unload on the city

and factory by the river; make sure to place the western TCopter between the

two western cities, that's crucial. Recon and tank move down the bridge. Build

an infantry.

Day 2, send both TCopters to the south base to pick up the new infantry and the

mech. Put the tank just out of firing range of the artillery and put the recon

behind it. BCopter attack infantry at the neutral city. Finish your captures,

but build nothing.

Day 3, tank attack the artillery and recon attack mech from the city. BCopter

finish off infantry north and unload the one TCopter with the infantry to

the north; send the TCopter with the mech toward the mountains, out of the

missile's range. Build a tank and end your turn.

Day 4, try to finish off artillery, but probably can't. Send you new tank to

the bridge with the bike behind it. Build another tank to the south and a recon

in the factory up north. Have your infantry north capture cities. Unload mech

on mountain so it is not in danger, nor is the TCopter from the missile. Move

the BCopter east.

Day 5, if the tank still lives, use it to finish off the artillery. Move up

both new tanks and build another, but keep your bike where it is. Leave your

mech and send its TCopter to be ready to pick up another infantry. Send BCopter

and recon at the north base east.

Day 6, at northern base, capture factory and pick up the other infantry and

move the TCopters east. Tank by the bridge attack the wounded tank, and then

move everyone east, just keep the BCopter out of the range of the missile.

Build tanks.

Day 7, just start killing units, ignoring the missile; use the last new tanks

you made to go after the missile. Then build three recons.

Day 8, move everyone into position to make the kill next turn. Send about two

or three tanks to the missile and send everyone else to the enemy factory.

Day 9, kill em. Hopefully this is the last day.


Ch09: The Beast


Quick Strat


Avoid the missile, bomb the southern enemies, kill all the BCopters, and once

the missile and WTank are gone, move in your infantry on the TCopter to capture

the enemy HQ by Day 7.

Full Strat


Day 1, have your infantry capture cities near them. Move your AAGun up to

protect the northern infantry. To the south, select the Rig and start building

a temporary airport. To the north, send both Dusters to attack BCopters, then

send the Fighter after the Duster. To the south, bomb a tank and a rocket,

then attack a copter with your Fighter, and then move your Duster to finish off

the rocket; and keep all out of the missile's range.

Day 2, finish your captures. To the north, kill the BCopters with all three of

your units up there. To the south, send one Bomber to bomb the enemy AAGun,

which should be able to stay out of the missile's range. Bomb the infantry,

kill a copter with your Fighter, and another with your Duster. Build a BCopter.

Day 3, send your northern infantry south, ignoring the city in the corner.

Load your other infantry into the TCopter and send it toward the enemy HQ.

With your southern air units, kill both BCopters near your Rig. Bomb the

missile and the enemy mech. Send your other fighter south and have your two

Dusters attack the rocket. Build a BCopter.

Day 4, bomb the missile and the WTank. Kill the last BCopter and then combine

your two northern Dusters. No use chasing down the other ground enemies, just

move your TCopter with the infantry toward the HQ. Build a Bomber. Send your

BCopters to the enemies in the northern corner and have your other infantry

capture a city.

Day 5, BCopters and Bombers head for corner enemies. Kill the WTank, refuel a

Bomber with the Rig, place the Dusters so they block the road of the northern

enemies, and unload the infantry near the HQ. Build a BCopter and you're done.

Day 6, start torturing the northern enemies and move your Bombers close. Build

another BCopter and start capturing the HQ.

Day 7, kill as many as you can and end this battle.


Ch10: Almost Home


Quick Strat


Claim the center buildings and start pumping out BCopters and tanks. Use your

missile and fighter to hold off the enemy air units. Make a stand at the center

area, and once they come for you, strike back. Use the BCopters to attack the

WTank and tanks to fend off the AAGuns.

Full Strat


*NOTE: This aggressive strategy seems to only get an A ranking, but my first

score was an S. So ignore this advice and play more conservatively if you want

an S. I'll fix it in the next update.*

Day 1, retreat your three units to the east, but one will still die; move them

all as far west as you can. Have your bike capture the airport, move your

missile below the mountain, load the other two foot soldiers into the transport

vehicles and move them east, and move all the other east too. Build an infantry

and that's it. I would recommend moving your air units closer, but you can

leave them alone this turn as a different tactic.

Day 2, maybe send your first infantry to the city up north, or any other

building. Capture airport, start on factory, and start on a city. Position your

units so that the missile is safe no matter what, and go ahead and keep the

rest out of harm's way too. Build a tank and move your air units closer.

Day 3, the enemy should have tried to attack, so now you should strike back.

Just keep your captures going and make sure your missile and fighter are

covering each other and protected. Send your TCopter back to the first factory

to pick up a new infantry unit you will build now. Also build a BCopter at the

new airport. Put the rig in front of the missile in case your factory-

capturing unit gets iced next turn, but it shouldn't. And you should be able to

start three new captures, so do it.

Day 4, finish your captures, which should be everything west of the mountains

in the center. Move everything east, keeping the missile and fighter by the

mountains. Remember, use your tanks to attack his AAGuns, and your AAGun attack

his air units; bring everyone else up as well. Build another BCopter at the

center airport.

Day 5, use one of your BCopters to attack the artillery to the south, and then

send your new one to attack a foot soldier. Tanks to AAGuns, AAGun on AAGun,

Dusters on BCopters, and everything else move east. Build a BCopter and tank

at your center base. Skoot your missile and fighter up a bit.

Day 6, tank on AAGun, fresh BCopter on recon, and use another BCopter to finish

off artillery. The rest is just skillfully positioning the rest, and finally

using the fighter to attack the enemy BCopter. Just build another tank and

BCopter. Don't let anyone die needlessly, and get your northern infantry

into position to get on a TCopter and make a run for the HQ.

Day 7, you should finally be able to clear the enemy skies, so that means

retreat your Duster and fighter. Three full BCopters are enough to kill the

WTank. Then just get everyone into position as you clear out the weakest units.

Again, build a BCopter and tank.

Day 8, at this point you are sending BCopters after foot soldiers and tanks

after AAGuns. Capture any enemy buildings you can, and try to get you one

infantry flown into the HQ. Build tanks if your funds don't allow a copter and

tank. Retreat all anti-air units and use the rig to fuel planes low on fuel -

don't send them to airports.

Day 9, the infantry at the HQ can attack other soldiers if you want. Use your

BCopters to kill soldiers and your tanks to kill the AAGuns. Should be able to

win this fight today or tomorrow.


Ch11: A Storm Brews


Quick Strat


Move rocket to land to the south, and use it to attack the Cruiser and then

the land units. Clog the land units in the narrow strip, use your Gunboats to

finish off the others, and use that one rig to resupply your boats. Get one of

your soldiers to head for the HQ as a fall-back plan.

Full Strat


Day 1, have two of your Gunboats attack the enemy Gunboat. Load the infantry

into the other, load the mech and rocket into one Lander, and the other two

units in the other Lander. Use the rig to refuel one of the Gunboats. Unload

the rocket and mech onto the land to the south; unload the rocket to the north

of the city.

Day 2, use the rocket on the enemy Cruiser. Then follow it up with an attack

from your Gunboat with the infantry inside. Capture the city with the mech and

then unload the other Lander on the same land; move the empty Lander north,

with the intent of swinging around this same chunk of land. Move another

Gunboat near the rig to supply it. Keep everyone out of reach of the enemy

Gunboats and end turn.

Day 3, move the rocket to the spot east of the city. Tank attack recon and

then move the MTank behind your tank. Move the Gunboat with the infantry inside

to the beach on the land with the rig, but the beach on the side facing the

enemy, so you can refuel it with your rig. Move your other healthy Gunboat

with ammo into range of your rocket so that the enemy Gunboat will get hit if

it attacks; leave the other Gunboat out of the enemy's range. Position both

Landers on the eastern beaches of both chunks of land.

Day 4, have rockets attack MTank, move mech toward the beach to its east,

retreat tank to city, and then kill recon with MTank. Your northernmost Gunboat

that just unloaded the infantry should be able to attack one Gunboat while

avoiding the enemy artillery. Then attack other Gunboat with yours. Load that

one infantry onto the Lander and head for the enemy HQ. Move your other Lander

to pick up the mech next turn. Get your other Gunboat into position to strike.

Day 5, rocket attack MTank, MTank fire on artillery, move up your tank, kill

the combined enemy Gunboat with yours, and then unload your infantry near the

HQ. Do whatever else.

Day 6, attack rig with rocket, kill artillery, and then kill rig to win.


Ch12: History of Hate


Quick Strat


Just play conservatively. Lure a BShip with yours and then start attacking.

Needs to be won in five days for a good rank.

Full Strat


*NOTE: So close to an S. I got it my first game, but I don't know how. This

will get you a 290 easy, but probably one day too many. Consider just keeping

everything away from the enemy and force them to come for you. I think one

cruiser should be sent northward a bit.*

Day 1, your ally will handle the gunboat to the north, so ignore it. Check the

range of the enemy cruiser and attack the Battleship with your BCopter. Have

your BShip bomb the gunboat, then finish it with a cruiser. Move up your other

cruiser. Send your northern sub onto the reef and dive it; move your other

sub up one space and dive it. Build Temp Ports and send your lander east as

a blocker so your Duster can move east.

Day 2, finish your Temp Ports and retreat your gunboats west to get fueled up.

Move the lander north of the southern sub, then the other sub should be right

behind the lander, put cruisers out of bomber range, and then keep your air

units out of the fighter's range. Move your BShip onto the reef. You're playing

it safe here.

Day 3, now, if you remember that the sub attacked the lander, have your duster

attack the bomber from that spot. Send one sub after the BShip and a gunboat to

finish it off. Finish the enemy sub with your last one, and then kill the

bomber with your other cruiser. Send your other gunboat directly east, and then

send your copter toward the other gunboat in the corner.

Day 4, focus your attacks on the enemies to the south, the one cruiser and

the gunboat. Bomb the cruiser with your weak BShip, attack it with your

gunboat, then with your fresh cruiser, and then finish it with your weak

cruiser. Have your subs finish off the BShip too, from it's sides. Then send

your other gunship to refuel.

Day 5, start on the cruiser. Bomb it from far away, send your gunboat after it,

and then gang up on it with your subs and weak cruiser. Use your fresh cruiser

to kill the fighter. Move your BCopter closer and combine your gunboats.

Day 6, finish the fight.


Ch13: Greyfield Strikes


Quick Strat


Ignore the enemy movement to the west, just make your goal the enemy HQ north

of your base. Speed alone will get you an S rank.

Full Strat


*NOTE: Greyfield seems to halt the units you have the most of, or just the

units closest to the enemy.*

Day 1, load the infantry into your gunboats, and unload each on the islands.

Send you BShip to take out the enemy gunboat to the north and have your Carrier

follow behind it (don't build nothing). Send all your other sea units west, and

move your lander to the beach on the north of your island. You can have you

rig make a Temp Port if you want. Build two tanks.

Day 2, BShip attack MTank. Send your sub and cruiser west, out of the reach of

the enemy BShip and dive the sub. Move your Carrier behind the mountain island

near the BShip. Have your infantry capture cities. Load your two tanks onto

the lander and take it north. Send one gunboat with your cruiser and sub,

out of attack range, and then send your other gunboat back to your base island.

Build an infantry.

Day 3, finish your captures. BShip finish off the MTank, then unload your

tanks on the beach near the HQ. Load your infantry onto gunboat and send it

toward the HQ. Build one seaplane at your Carrier. To the west, send your

gunboat onto a reef and then move up the sub just a bit, but leave your

cruiser where it is.

*NOTE: Maybe building two infantry on day 3 would result in infantry being

halted instead of tanks.*

Day 4, have your infantry on the islands capture a port and a city. Send your

sub and cruiser after the lander. Your tanks should be stalled, so send your

lander south and unload your gunboat so the infantry is protected. Build a

seaplane, tank, and infantry. BShip bomb one missile.

Day 5, BShip attack AAGun, one seaplane kill wounded missile, the other

seaplane kill the AAGun, have tanks kill the missile, and send your infantry

for the HQ. Finish your captures. Load your infantry onto the rig, and load the

rig and tank onto the lander. Send your sub after the BShip, do whatever with

your gunboat, and move up your Carrier.

Day 6, have your sub finish off the BShip, then get your island infantry to

capture whatever. Send your tanks after soldiers, load your seaplanes onto

the Carrier, BShip attack AAGun, and start capturing the HQ. Send your lander

north, move your Carrier west a bit and out of range, and build a BShip.

Day 7, tank attack the AAGun, unload your lander and get your BShip by the

rig, and then attack and kill as many units as you can. Capture the HQ.


Ch14: A Hero's Farewell


Quick Strat


Oddly, you must start off in a conservative mode, then switch to aggressive

in an instant. You could maybe send your units into the fray before the

plasma is derailed, or you can wait for a bomber, but you have to be

aggressive at some point. You need to use your sea units to take out the

BShip and carrier, maybe with the hopes of bringing your rig north to refuel

the sub before it runs out of gas. The end game is using a carrier of your

own and everything else.

Full Strat


Day 1, send your sea units north first. Send your infantry to the east directly

to its east. Send all your soldiers east too, the mech in the rig should end

on the factory, the bike along the road, and the infantry start capturing a

city. Rockets attack the tank and send everything else east. Build a gunboat

and an infantry.

Day 2, send you sea units into position so they are not bombarded by the

BShip, and dive the sub. Send the infantry to capture airport in the corner of

the map, careful not to fire at the shard. Mech capture factory, bike take

city two spaces left of factory, and infantry finish its capture. Then move

the rocket, missile, and artillery as far up the road as you can, then position

everyone else around them. You can use your BCopters to attack the enemy mech,

just be cautious of the enemy BCopter on approach. Have your rig refuel your

rocket and build an infantry.

Day 3, move your sea units onto reefs and move the sub to the enemy cruiser,

or close to. Finish your captures and have your one infantry cross over the

river for a city. Then make sure you know where the enemy rocket's range goes

so you can avoid it. Have your MTank block the narrow path and then position

your long-range units around it. Send your BCopters to attack the enemy too.

Put your rig into a spot so that an infantry can climb on next turn. Build

another gunboat and end your turn.

Day 4, should be able to finish off the tanks in the narrow strip, with a

BCopter to start attacking the meteor shard to the east. Keep your units out

of attack range and capture more, and don't forget to send your bike to the

port in the bay. You can send one tank on the west side of the river if you

want. Build an AAGun at your new factory and a cruiser. Have your sub attack

the BShip and finish it off with your wounded cruiser. Send both gunboats


Day 5, send your sub after the carrier and retreat everyone else. Little to do

on the ground but capture. Move around your missile so it protects your troops

from the air and move around your BCopters out of danger. Build an AAGun and

send up your cruiser.

Day 6, the carrier should have a seaplane, so kill it with your sub. The

seaplane that was out should be killed by your missile. Now begin your attack.

Send everyone from both sides the the river north. Attack and move everything

into position, everything. Build a bomber, build a tank, and send your

sea units north. *When I say build one ground unit, that means by the

factory by the river.

Day 7, just keep the attack up. Move everything up into position and just keep

attacking. This is the turn before the floodgates open. Just retreat your

sea units. Build nothing.

Day 8, just attack. Use the bomber to break the shard and open the floodgates.

Send everything north and smack somebody. Your enemy probably has a fighter

in the wings, so move up all your AA units. Retreat your sea units and build a

BShip at the port in the bay.

Day 9, use the BShip to attack the anti-gun. Then it's just attack everything

you can; just too much to list off, so be sure to make smart moves. Have to

be aggressive if you want to win. Build one tank.

Day 10, should just be a big concern about MTanks, so focus your fire on them.

There should also be a threat of a TCopter sending a soldier to your HQ, so

just build a bike at your southern factory.

Honestly, the rest is just building tanks until you can afford either a

carrier or a bomber, and build an infantry at your northern factory when you

can't afford a tank. All you do until you win is just hunt down the enemy.

If you can't do this yourself, I don't know what to do. Just keep the tanks,

seaplanes, infantry, and BCopters coming, in no order.

It seems 17 days or so is a good way to get an S rank, though you'll be

cutting it close, especially if you sacrificed too many units. Best to not

build so many after it seems victory is close.


Ch15: Icy Retreat


Quick Strat


Two things to keep in mind. One, that you will lose that MTank. Two,

that your goal is to get just one blue unit onto the city to the west. Just

send everything west and be sure to break the first plasma line with your

artillery. The rest is blocking the flow of the enemy.

Full Strat


Day 1, send your tank to attack the rocket to the south. Move your rig next

to the mech and load the mech. Move your infantry left in range of the rocket.

Send your AAGun in the middle bridge to kill the BCopter, and send the other

AAGun down the top bridge after that mech. Place your artillery out of

rocket range.

Day 2, finish off the rocket. All that is on the middle bridge should get

clogged at the end so that nothing is in the enemy artillery range, but you can

move the infantry west because it won't get hit. Send your rig west. Have

you AAGun attack the mech from your city so it will be healed.

Day 3, finish off the mech. Send your artillery onto the city so it's out

of danger and also in range of the shard; have your tank attack the shard.

Send your rig to fuel both the up and then position the other two units out

of firing range. Send your infantry north to a city.

Day 4, have your artillery attack the shard. Tank goes after the infantry. Send

your infantry onto a city and move the AAGuns out of artillery range.

Day 5, artillery finish off shard, and then an AAGun and tank kill the enemy

artillery. Unload the mech near the end of the middle bridge, place the other

AAGun by the other one, and move your infantry toward the river.

Day 6, mech fire on a tank, AAGun kill BCopter, tank kill best enemy tank, and

send other AAGun across tiny bridge. Move rig and load your infantry on it.

Day 7, move your mech toward the nearest city. Send your AAGun across the river

to the recon to the north. Then send everything else across the river.

Day 8, should be able to move everything out of attacking range across the

river. The other recon should be hiding to the south, so forget it. Just

finish off the recon and leave everyone out of danger.

Day 9, the anti-tank should be close, so just move everyone out of the way.

But if the blue recon is alive, really doesn't matter what you do, this should

be the last turn. If not, just keep the blue infantry alive for two more

turns. If the recon is here, you should end with a score of 429 or so.


Ch16: Hope Rising


Quick Strat


Hold the middle, capture the airport area, the corner area, and just bide your


Full Strat


*NOTE: If you want a solid S, make sure you send nothing weak into danger, or

just hold off one more turn to attack, but you can get an S with this. But if

you wait, you'll probably still barely get an S.*

Day 1, send top mech west into wood, other mech into woods, infantry on the

mountain should capture factory in center, and send the other infantry onto

the woods in the center. Move your artillery into the crevice of the mountains,

move your WTank and tank next to the infantry blocking the path, send TCopter

to the blank city, BCopter east, and AAGun by the artillery.

Day 2, send northern mech further west, load infantry onto TCopter, unload

infantry near airport, and capture factory. Have WTank attack an enemy tank

from the woods, artillery attack tank behind that one, move BCopter up so that

it's above the mountains but not in danger of attack, and that's it.

Day 3, artillery attack MTank, infantry capture city, place WTank on the

factory, and have your tank finish off the MTank. Start capturing the airport

and send your mech west.

Day 4, if WTank is not fully healed, place it on the city*, leave all the other

center units as they are, and build a rocket. Send TCopter near that area so

it can pick up the infantry. Have your mech capture the first city. *Make sure

you load your CO onto the WTank before you move it.

Day 5, to the east, attack that infantry and send your infantry onto the city

it will try to capture. Send your WTank and rocket behind the tank still

holding down the woods. Build a bike and a BCopter. Load your infantry onto

the TCopter and send it northwest. Mech capture its city and you're done.

Day 6, send bike south to the uncaptured factories. Kill the infantry on the

mountains to the east, kill anything touching the wood in the middle, and

finish your captures. Build a tank and BCopter.

Day 7, captures and build a MTank. That's it.

Day 8, go on the assault. Send everything out, but be cautious when you send

units into unseen areas, as enemy units are probably sitting there. Build an

MTank and capture what you can.

Day 9, build a BCopter and tank. Just keep the pressure on and you'll notice

the enemy forces are extremely thin. Get your captures going, and that's it.

Day 10, at your factory up north, build a tank and build one in the middle.

Contiue your captures and the assault.

Day 11, attack; should be close to done.

Day 12, should win,just barely getting an S.


Ch17: The Creeper


Quick Strat


The Talon Gun must be attacked from its front. It can attack multiple units

in its range, and it's protected by a wicked set of units. One of the keys

to victory is to take the areas at the north and south sides of the map, and

from those spots you must go hard at the enemy. If anything, your force from

the north will be a distraction. Once you hack through the units guarding

the gun, send a bomber to blast it.

Full Strat


*NOTE: This is the speedy way to win the fight, getting you an A rank. You'll

get a low power score though. Perhaps stockpiling four bombers and attacking

maybe two turns later may be the solution.*

Day 1, to the north, load infantry onto TCopter and unload on factory and send

mech west. To the south, load infantry onto rig and unload at western factory,

and move other infantry west. Send tank, AAGun, and rocket south. Build a

TCopter and infantry.

Day 2, send new infantry to the north, send other TCopter back to your factory,

and start capturing factories all over. Send your rig back and then position

the other ground units to cover the narrow pass. Build a bomber and infantry.

Day 3, once you have the factories, and this pretains to the northern area,

start on the cities. Load your new infantry onto a TCopter, and send your

rig and other TCopter near the factory. Finish your captures, build a BCopter,

and build an infantry. Send your bomber south.

Day 4, start on cities, but have one infantry to the south go for the airport.

Check the cannon's range and you'll see it does not cover one city to its

east, so place your infantry there via TCopter. Load infantry onto other

TCopter, send it and the BCopter north. Build an infantry at your first factory

and at the one to the north. Build another bomber.

Day 5, captures all over and start inching your forces almost into range of

the cannon, but don't get in range. Build tanks at your southern factories

and that's it. Make sure your tank and AAGun and rocket are barely on the

other side of the narrow pass to the south.

Day 6, send your bombers after the two anti-tanks. Your tank should finish off

one anti-tank, and have your AAGun attack the missile. Place your rocket into

WTank range and move up both your new tanks. Feel free to send in any

soldiers within the cannon's range, as they probably won't be targets. BCopter

attack the other one to the north, build a tank at that base, so long as you

can still afford a bomber, and build a bomber to the south.

Day 7, rocket attack WTank, move AAGun back, send a tank to finish off the

missile, and send your bomber to attack the cannon. Have your infantry in

the area capture, send your tank after the WTank, and position your bomber out

of cannon range, but where it will sneak right in for the strike next turn. Do

whatever skirmishing you wish, build a bomber to the north, and build a tank to

the south.

Day 8, kill whatever you can, and use your bomber to the south to finish the



Ch18: Panic in the Ranks


Quick Strat


This is just a survival mission, and you can get by it by doing very little.

When the com tower is glowing, get your CO on that spot and then just go on

the offensive while protecting your weaker units.

Full Strat


Day 1, MTank attack bike, tank attack infantry, AAGun attack mech to the west,

And then just send everyone else southwest.

Day 2, AAGun attack recon, move WTank onto blinking com tower, and then just

move everything southwest again.

Day 3, AAGun to enemy fighter, anti-tanks attack what they can, and then

just retreat all your smaller units.

Day 4, attack whatever and keep retreating your small units.

Day 5, just use your anti-tanks to get into position. And keep your weak units


Day 6, should be just one unit left, but you are probably not in position to

go after it. Just move your units in its direction.

Day 7, doesn't matter, your ally should still have its bomber, so just move a

bit in case, or if you are in a different position, but the game should end on

his turn.


Ch19: Salvation


Quick Strat


Perhaps the easiest map in the game. Just takes six turns even if you're really

bad at it. Just make sure you take out that WTank ASAP and secure all the


Full Strat


Day 1, use both silos to attack the WTank in the middle. Send your tank after

the WTank and then spread out your other units on the sides.

Day 2, use your next two silos to attack mechs, and maybe use one on the tank

to the east. This will help your recon attack the tank, and the tank to the

west should be killed by your mech. Keep attacking the weakened WTank, and

try to not kill any weak units if you can help it.

Day 3, now just attack whatever, and be sure to spread out.

Day 4, more of the same.

Day 5, hopefully your opponent has been commiting suicide with some of his

units, so this should be the last turn.


Ch20: Waylon Flies Again


Quick Strat


Claim the buildings around your base and start pumping out units to take hold

of the middle area. Once you have the center area you can walk into the

enemy base.

Full Strat


*NOTE: This gets you an A rank. Upon thinking about it, I think building

the missile and dusters needs to be replaced with fighters and AAGuns.*

Day 1, capture airport and factory. Send the other soldiers for other neutral

cities to their north and south. Just move your AAGun onto a city.

Day 2, get your captures and send your AAGun onto your northern city.

Day 3, your AAGun should have a shot at the bomber, but maybe just send it

to any other unit. Start on cities and then retreat your damaged soldiers.

Build an AAGun.

Day 4, finish your captures, build an AAGun, build a fighter, and you're done.

Don't forget to use your other AAGun to attack whatever.

Day 5, should use your AAGuns to to after fighters, and use you first AAGun to

attack any infantry coming after your center area. Just build a mech. Be sure

to keep your mech and infantry around you base capturing throughout.

Day 6, attack what you can and build a BCopter.

Day 7, finish off anything you can. Build a bomber and mech if you can.

Day 8, send out your mechs and send your bomber after the soldiers capturing

your center cities. Capture cities, buile a mech, and build a BCopter. Send

your AAGuns around the mountains.

Day 9, if an enemy fighter is coming for your bomber, build a missile at your

factory and send your bomber into firing range of your missile. Do all else -

captures and moving the AAGuns, but leave your AAGun to the north near the


Day 10, move around your units and build a duster. And keep up all the other

usual stuff. If no air units are at your base, move your missile and build

mechs; otherwise just leave it at the factory.

Day 11, captures and movement, and build another duster. You should almost rule

the skies.

Day 12, should have mechs controlling the center, and a mess around your

airport. Free up both production areas if you can and build a BCopter and mech.

Day 13, do the dance routine, and by now there should be a big fight in the

middle. At your northern factory, build a mech as you have been before, build

a BCopter, and at your other factory to the south build a tank.

Day 14, if you haven't already, start moving your missile south. Do your

fighting and build the same units as yesterday; maybe an AAGun instead of a


Day 15, keep the pressure on and build a bomber and mech.

Day 16, do the same and build a fighter. On the next turn, I put the CO in the


The rest is just building and attacking smart. Alternating between big units

and a package of smaller ones. You can go for the HQ capture or domination.

Once it seems the end is in your hands, stop building.


Ch21: Lin's Gambit


Quick Strat


Gotta take the seas early, that is the key, and you are given more than needed

with your starting navy. Hold off til day 3, then attack with your ground units

to the east. But be sure to use your rockets, flare, and the hiding spots to

break through. Once you're through, the rest is easy.

Full Strat


*NOTE: Pay attention to day 3, which is when I decided to hold off instead

of attack. For an S rank if you want.*

Day 1, to the far west you should load your infantry onto the rig and send it

up the road to get the buildings to the north; bike and infantry in the middle

have cities to capture this turn, and even the infantry by your HQ should

capture a city. Send all other ground units east. As for the units to the

east, put your flare on the wood spot, load mech onto lander, put rockets at

the start of both bridges, and move the rig and WTank up. For the sea units,

send the lander and unload it on the nearby empty island. At the factory by

the gunboat, build an infantry and leave the gunboat. Send all other sea units

into one big group in the middle area; don't dive the subs. At the other

factory, build a recon.

Day 2, use your flare to shoot a flare north, and then hit both units with

your rockets. Send your recon after the AT (anti-tank) and put your WTank on

the other bridge. Move your tank and AT east, finish your captures, get your

other soldiers into capturing position, and have your rig supply one rocket.

Build a tank. Load your infantry onto the gunboat and unload it on the hunk of

land with just the port and factory. Send your subs north and dive them. They

should reveal the enemy fleet, so bomb a BShip with your BShip. Check their

vision (which is 3), and place your cruisers out of visibility. *Pay attention

during his turn to see if the carrier with the seaplane is visible.

Day 3, if you saw the seaplane and still see the carrier, there should only

be a BShip blocking your path to it. Bomb that BShip, kill it with a sub, and

then send your other sub to kill the carrier. Have your cruisers gang up on

another BShip and send your gunboat after the other; move up your other

cruiser, and if you can, have your rig fuel up your BShip. Capture with your

soldiers, send one infantry to the only other city on the southern strip, send

your bike to its north, and send the other infantry east. At the bridges, shoot

a flare. Rocket and finish off the mech with a tank, and that should free up

your WTank to attack. Be mindful of enemy vision and move up your units. Build

a gunboat and tank at your production spots to the east. *You can send units

into hiding spots in FOW, in case the enemy units are placed differently.

*NOTE: I have also tried holding off the forces at the bridge for a big push

in the next turn, so try that. Actually, this was how I got an S rank.*

Day 4, on the seas, kill the BShips and whatever else. Finish your captures or

start new ones. Send your new gunboat after the lander, which should have

unloaded a unit on the central island; just attack any units with your mech and

have your bike incoming. To the east, send up your recon north and then east,

ending on a piece of road between two woods. That will reveal two rockets and

a few other units. One tank will be able to take the northern rocket, and have

your rocket attack the other. Advance your other units, protecting both your

rockets and being mindful of the vision of the enemy. Build an MTank. Also,

retreat your WTank if it's still alive.

Day 5, sub should be able to take another carrier, and then the last BShip.

There should also be a WTank at a beach, so bomb it, and kill a gunship with

your weakest cruiser. Combine your other two cruisers and send them east.

Captures to the west and then fight in the center island. To the east, the big

fight, keep in mind of the FOW. Move your recon and rocket onto the ruins at

the ends of the bridges. Should have tanks attack the enemy rockets, but the

one up north will probably still be alive. Send everything up, with FOW and

protection in mind. Use the rig to the west to fuel a sub if you can, and

use the rig to the east to fuel the flare and a gunboat at the same time. Build

a MTank. Have your lander on a beach to the east (which sounds like you're

sending it on a summer getaway).

Day 6, fuel up both subs and gather your sea units sorta around the central

island; and keep your subs by the beach to the west. Captures all around. At

the big fight, shoot a flare to reveal unseen spots and bomb whatever is the

strongest. Kill what you can and keep your damn rockets hidden! To the south,

retreat your WTank to a city if it's there, and then load the MTank and lone

infantry onto the lander and send them north. Just build a tank.

Day 7, by now, your sea units should be contributing to the big fight, so have

them contribute. Shouldn't be much to attack, but do weaken what you can and

move everything north. Heal wounded units at your base and just build a tank.

Unload your lander at the beach near the enemy factory. Seems like I'm

forgetting other things, so stay frosty.

Day 8, shoot a flare into the line of unseen spots with the enemy factory.

Rockets and AT should attack what you can, and the BShip. Just gang up on the

enemy up here, but be mindful of whether or not an enemy cruiser is on the

approach. If so, fuel up a gunboat and build a BShip or a carrier at your

western port; build a BShip only if a cruiser is visible, a carrier otherwise.

Day 9, the new BShip and subs should be able to handle the cruiser, but you

always have the other BShip too. Just keep attacking. You should send your

lander to the tiny middle island and bulid a WTank on that island. If you

have cleared the factory to the north, be sure to either clog it with a weak

unit or capture it if you can. You can leave the carrier at the port and

build seaplanes if you want.

Day 10, start sending everything to the northwest corner, but be wary of two

rockets hiding in the woods areas.

The rest is just making the big push. The rockets will be a bit of a trouble,

and so will any units built at the last factory. Remember to use your subs to

make sure the ports are clean too. Just make smart moves and be quick. Use

the carrier to build seaplanes ASAP.


Ch22: The Great Owl


Quick Strat


Be aggressive, and then conservative when you reach the base. Just clear the

enemy skies, free up the airport by killing the enemy missile, and then

build bombers. The aggressive part is claiming the factory to the southeast

as quickly as you can.

Full Strat


Day 1, remember, avoid the middle where possible. Infantry in corner take city

in corner, infantry by river take the airport, infantry by meteor take city

to the north, and bike to the south take a city. Then send everything to the

south, avoiding the center field, and build an AAGun.

Day 2, also remember, keep track of the missile's range to the north. Finish

your captures and send all your units east. Use your fighters to block the

tank from killing your AAGuns, but other than that, send everything east.

Build a BCopter.

Day 3, retreat your infantry, but the bombers will probably get them. With

your army, just start attacking, focusing on the fighters. Don't build anything

so that you can build a fighter next turn. Don't have your units capturing

any cities, just send them east.

Day 4, by now, keep an eye on the range of the enemy units to the north of

your army, and avoid that rocket. Be sure to clear out practically all the

units to the south, and clog the factory. Build a fighter at your airport to

the south, cause the one to the north is covered by that missile. Have your

bike by the mountain so it can steal the factory next turn.

Day 5, kill anything left to the south and start capturing the factory. New

fighter should be able to attack one of the bombers, for some reason, and

combine your other fighters and send them back west. With your ground army, go

after the rocket and other units in reach, but keep your BCopters safe. Build


Day 6, fighters after the bombers. Everything go after the bunch of units away

from the enemy base, sending a BCopter after the missile, but just go crazy and

attack whatever.

Day 7, fighters attack the last bomber. Retreat your weak units and send your

WTank after the missile, hopefully killing it. Gang up your BCopters on a

WTank. Build a bomber at the northern airport and build a WTank at the factory

to the east. Mechs should be capturing by now.

Day 8, load your CO on the bomber, if you want, or the WTank. Have the bomber

attack the AAGun, WTank attack the WTank, combine both fighters, retreat your

weak WTank if it's there, capture, build another bomber, and build a tank.

Day 9, bombers attack, gang up on any WTank threatening, and build a MTank.

Day 10, finish off the enemy WTank, retreat any units, and build a tank.

Day 11, if you have a weak bomber at the north, and if there is an infantry

trying to capture in the middle, send that bomber after it. Just rally to the

east, and if there is a unit near your base, feel free to build a BCopter to

handle it. If you can, place your bomber out of the missile's range.

Day 12, if there is no danger, send your bomber after the missile. Don't do

anything, just build a tank.

Day 13, finish off the missile if there are no anti-air units around. Should

be mechs near you units, but just hold back and keep your tanks away, but feel

free to attack with soldiers. Build a bomber.

Day 14, if there are some AA units around, retreat your bomber. Move out your

other bomber to a safe spot, build another bomber, and just get your ground

units ready to go.

Day 15, attack the AAGuns with your bombers, and put as few units in range

of the rocket as possible. Build yet another bomber.

Day 16, still too many AT units, so just attack with your bombers. Build, yep,

another bomber, and if you can't afford one, combine some tanks.

Day 17, now you should be able to go it. Take out the AAGuns, and don't be

afraid to use your tanks to do so. Damage as many ATs as you can and be ready

to end this next turn.

Day 18, finish this. Should squeak by with an S rank.

If the battle goes on any longer, just spam bombers.


Ch23: Sacrificial Lamb


Quick Strat


Keep your beefy ground units hidden until day 5, then invade the enemy lands.

You need to control the seas and you take the corner islands and use the

missiles. Then just make a big push, build seaplanes, build Bships, and

capture that factory on the center island.

Full Strat


Day 1, send the lander to the farthest south to unload on the island to the

east. To the north, have a BShip start on the gunboat and finish it with a

cruiser. Have your other BShip attack a meteor. Then unload the northern

lander on that island, but keep the AT on the lander. Set up your landers out

of range and send your other cruisers south. Move your other ground units

east and build nothing.

Day 2, to the north, blow up the meteor and then use a missile, sending it to

whatever concentration of enemies you wish. To the south, send you mech on a

city and move your tank. For the rest, not much more than just doing one of

two things: either spread your units out or bunch them together. If you want to

keep your BShips perfect, bunch up other units. What I did, to the south, I

sent the lander and cruisers near the port, and then I built a carrier.

Day 3, the group I made would have been the target. To the southern island,

use a missile and attack the enemy tank with your tank. Combine your two

cruisers and move out your carrier out of the enemy cruiser's range. Send that

one damaged lander to a beach near your two WTanks and load both the WTanks.

Send your landers near the beaches but don't unload them. Use your BShips to

attack what you can, but don't unload anything. Use another missile to the

north and build a gunboat to the south.

Day 4, use your missiles. I would advise keeping your units in the landers,

and spreading out your BShips. Again, I would consider bunching up your sea

units to the southern port and building a BShip there.

Day 5, now is the turn where you can unload on the beaches. Should have one

last missile to the south. Move your BShips south as there is a sub to the

north, so send you cruisers northward. Build a seaplane at you carrier.

Remember to send you landers to pick up infantry at the base island, building

a lone tank to fill up the landers.

Day 6, go on the offensive. Just take this center chunk of land and build

another seaplane. Also start capturing the cities at the islands in the

corners of the map.

Day 7, the enemy should have few sea units, but enough to keep you away from

danger. Find the sub if it's coming, and build a cruiser if your current ones

aren't enough, otherwise build a gunboat to handle the cruiser. Captures in

the corners, and go after the factory on the enemy island. Be wary of the enemy

rockets as you creep toward the meteors.

Day 8, two more cities in the corners. Keep everything out of rocket range

and do what you can. Just build a seaplane, and even a BShip if you can.

The rest is easy, though it could go on for about ten more turns or more. Just

build seaplanes and BShips, and keep the seas under wraps. Enemy rockets behind

the meteors will be trouble, but stay out of range until your BShips and

seaplanes can help out. Keep the sea units going along the eastern waters.

And stop building once you have enough units to win.


Ch24: Crash Landing


Quick Strat


Almost no way to lose, but it's possible. When you get close to finishing off

the enemy, hold off so that you can kill the last unit with one unit on the

next turn. That way you can attack the new units that pop up. If anything, be

sure to retreat to the center, or to one side. I've gotten S with 12 units

left, and with 4, so it's hard to get anything less.

Full Strat


Day 1, artillery and AT attack the WTank. Have your AAGun in the corner kill

the bike, MTank at the top attack the AAGun while out of artillery range, have

WTank to the west attack the MTank as your MTank attacks a tank to the south,

WTank to the east attack the WTank, mech move out of rocket range to attack

the AT, have your rocket in the middle attack the tank to the north, your tank

attack the tank by that rocket, and then send your AAGun after the enemy

rocket (wow). Your rocket in the corner can kill a unit, tank can attack a

recon, move rig and attack mech with your recon.

Day 2, I'm NOT going to lay out each move, but whatever you do, leave ONE ENEMY

UNIT ALIVE! What you want to do is spread your units out on both the east and

west sides, but leave one enemy alive. Send your rig to supply your lowly


Day 3, again, spread out and leave one enemy alive.

Day 4, ditto again. Leave that last enemy alive and surround the borders.

Day 5, now is when you kill that last unit. You get three tanks on the left

and three rockets on the right. Should be able to almost kill all the rockets,

and leaving one tank undamaged.

Day 6, kill the last units with the least amount of your strong units used.

Then the same enemies, but switched sides. You should be able to kill the

rockets easily.

Day 7, you can finish off this wave, but it's risky. You only get rockets on

both sides, and one side may not be able to finish off the rockets, so it's a

bit risky. You can safely wait one more turn before revealing the third wave,

but it's your call.

One or two more days at the most. Also, one highly quotable line in the

coming dialogue, so pay attention!


Ch25: Lab Rats


Quick Strat


Need to save as many of the starting units as you can, mainly just the two

MTanks. Once your army arrives, rush them to the center as you capture. Your

bombers and fighters should be able to hold off the enemy front for a while,

and then it will all hit the fan, but make sure your ground units are all ready

to go. Then it's just playing smart and marching to victory, using two CO

powers for the quick kill.

Full Strat


Day 1, send duster after the corner bomber, swing tank around the meteor, send

MTank north, send other MTank after the tank, mech finish off that tank, and

AAGun goes after the missile.

Day 2, tank attack meteor and MTank attack missile, mech capture city, MTank

attack same meteor as your tank, and AAGun attack missile. And duster attack


Day 3, let's deal with the old units first. Finish your capture, finish off

the missile to the east, use the MTank and tank to finish off the meteor they

have been working on, and then finish off the other missile. Now have your

bombers blow the meteor to their east and then place the fighters in front of

them. Use all of your soldiers to capture something, use the AT and rocket to

blow the meteor to the north, and then send all your ground units up that

path. Leave your TCopters by the base and keep one by the mech. Send your rig

with the army.

Day 4, finish your captures and maybe that mech can kill the recon. Send one

bomber to finish off the meteor to the south, and that should free up a spot

for your AAGun to attack the bomber. Your bomber attack the meteor blocking

the bridge, and that will allow your MTank to retreat; also retreat your other

MTank. Send both fighters after the nearest bomber. For your ground units,

keep your CO WTank (which I will call the CO) moving its maximum length, and

move your other units around him.

Day 5, captures, go after more buildings, and load a mech onto a TCopter and

send it across the body of water toward the factory in the middle. Bomber

attack any unit it can, but stay out of missile range, and send a fighter

after the TCopter. Just move your units east, staying out of range of any


Day 6, you should have the enemy units backing up, but be aware of the fighters

and just build up your line as you bring in your units from the west. Captures

and position your TCopters to pick up infantry. Should be able to build an

infantry and WTank. Remember, don't put any of your air units in danger.

Day 7, captures, send that new WTank after the last meteor to the south, and

send your TCopters with infantry over the water. Keep building up your front

line, mindful of the rocket and missile, and attacking if you can.

Day 8, the enemy should begin the attack, but only attacking one of your

units. First, do your captures and go after more, and you should be in position

for two captures to the north next turn. Now onto the fighting. Not much you

will be able to do about the ranged units, so focus on the WTanks. Whatevery

you attack, try to do it from the range of your CO. Don't go all in though,

so hold some units back. Build a WTank at the new factory.

Day 9, be sure to use your rig to supply some units on the front line. Then go

on the offensive, but be ready to suffer some loses. Try to go after the enemy

missile and then just lay into as many WTanks as you can. Keep one AAGun and

fighter in the back so they can attack any air units that attack. And by now,

your ranged units like the rocket and missile should be in range of the enemy,

so get them close. At your new airport, build a fighter. Don't forget

your captures, especially that other factory closer to the enemy.

Day 10, whatever you do, make sure your CO survives, even merging it with

another one or retreating it. Just go after whatever you want. Just build

a BCopter or MTank, and finish your captures.

Day 11, your CO power should be ready to fire, but it's up to you if you want

to use it or not. You should be in good position from the front lines to almost

clear it out, but it's up to you. The power grants you a movement and power

bonus. Attack what you can, maybe save the power for next turn, and build a

WTank at your eastern factory. Be sure to unload any and all soldiers near

the front line.

Day 12, now the enemy should have a lot of units, so now is the time to use

your power. Go all in this turn if you didn't last turn. Kill all that you

can, move all your units forward, and build two AAGuns as you retreat weaker


Day 13, just keep up the pressure, and by now your soldiers should be hard

into the battle. Don't forget to combine WTanks with you CO so it's strong.

Build another AAGun. Infantry should be in position to start capturing enemy

buildings. Move up your missile, as it is your X factor in this fight.

The rest is just staying on the march, and retreating your weak units. Build

BCopters, bombers, tanks, and whatever else. Remember to stay on the offensive

with your soldiers capturing all they can. Should even get another CO power

too. With the power, should just take an extra turn or two. And don't forget

to go for the HQ capture if all else fails. And don't build once it seems the

win is in hand.


Ch26: Sunrise


Quick Strat


Of all the Advance Wars scenerios I've played, this is about the first time

I've encountered anything where you can play well, but it won't work. You

pretty much have to end this in 8-9 days, so go hard with your starting

units. Build bombers, WTanks, bait the Nest's artillery fire from the units

you want fully healthy. Just take out the two side cannons early and then

throw everything to the middle cannons.

Full Strat


Day 1, at the west base, send your CO and rocket north, together. Send the

northern infantry after the factory and com tower. To the south, still at the

west base, capture the airport and com tower. Send fighter east so it lines up

with the right spawning point of the nest. Send the missile north as far as

it can go, and then put the AAGun and MTank in a bunch by the factory, and

build a WTank at that factory. This is called luring that artillery fire.

At the eastern base, capture the com tower and airport. Then send the bomber,

WTank, and AT north, out of the line of fire of the three middle cannons.

Sending the bomber as far north as it can go is key.

Day 2, at both bases, capture all the buildings so you can get the com tower

bonuses. In the west, rocket attack cannon and finish it with your CO. Then

send all your other units east.

To the east, AT attack tank. Note that one WTank may be in your way of your

fighter attacking the new enemy fighter. So move the bomber to that WTank's

east side so that it is in range of the eastern cannon, attack the WTank, and

then finish off that WTank with your WTank.

Day 3, to the east, send your bomber after the east cannon. Send the fighter

after the new bomber, send WTank toward the east cannon, AT does whatever, and

capture the factorty and city. Build a bomber at the airport.

West, CO after the new missile; AAGun and MTank attack artillery; bunch the

missile, rocket, and wounded WTank; capture airports, factory, and a city; and

build a bomber and the southern airport.

Day 4, at both bases, capture whatever. To the east, bomb the cannon, but it

is probably not enough to kill it. Bomb a WTank with you new one to the north,

send the fighter after a bomber, and finish your capture to the south.

To the west, send your damaged units into the trio of cannons' range and attack

whatever. Keep your CO out of the artillery cannon's range by killing that

tank from the front, but out of range of the smaller cannons. Send your bomber

along the same line of your CO. Capture what you can and build another bomber

at the southern airport.

Day 5, to the east, have your bomber still attack the eastern cannon. Send your

AAGun after the CO fighter and position your wounded fighter next to the enemy

CO. Also send the wounded MTank east toward the eastern cannon. Build a fighter

at your airport if you have 36000 in funds; if not just build a BCopter.

West, send your CO after the left cannon, send a bomber after the unit by the

left spawn point, and use your wounded units to try and clean up the enemy

units in the area. Send your new bomber along the line with the left spawn

point, as before. Captures and build a WTank at your factory near the cannons.

Day 6, to the east, your bomber should still be alive, and one last attack

should end the eastern cannon; if not you should have the MTank nearby. Do

whatever with your fighters, even sending them east toward enemy units by his

base. Also, send the MTank and AAGun toward the middle cannons, attack if they

can safely.

West, send CO after a new middle cannon, possibly the one in the very center,

and send a bomber after another one that is untouched. Bring up your other

bomber along the left spawn point to attack whatever. Send the new WTank north,

captures, and build a bomber at the northern airport.

Day 7, it's too bad your WTank is out of ammo, or else this fight would be

over. I could care less what you do to the east, it's over on that side.

West, send all you got after the cannons, with probably one left, which will

be very weak. Send all you got left toward the effort, but no matter how you

slice it this game should end next turn. Build an AAGun and fighter at your

northeastern spots.

*NOTE: Again, once you have the win, no need to build anymore units.*

Day 8, your goal is to make sure, 100%, that you will win this turn before you

go after other units. You want to kill as many enemy units as you can and your

goal is to make sure you win the fight.

If done by this, you will squeak by, and I mean a real squeaker here, with

about a 301 S rank. The speed was a 111, with the other two as close to 100.

That means we lost one too many units, and didn't kill one extra unit to make

the clean sweep, but the speed should still get you over, barely.


Good game, and nice story. Wonder what the next game will do. Would be cool if

they make new CO's and allow the two games to play each other.


* 5. Units and Terrain ( UNIT555 ) *


If you bought the game and have the booklet, you pretty much have all this

info at the end of it.






All of these are weak to everything else in the game, and even strong against

each other. However, they are cheap and can capture buildings.

Infantry - cheap soldiers

Mech - a bit more costly, but these things can take down almost any type of

tank, especially on small maps where you can spam these and cause pain to an

enemy building tanks. They move slowly though, so small maps are their forte.

Bike - just an infantry on wheels. Good to build if buildings are far away,

or the battle.



The brunt of any army. A good mix of all these will almost always equal


Tank - your basic armored vehicle. Spam these and you can attack almost any

other type of ground unit. Spam these and AAGuns to control air and ground.

Medium Tank - or MTank for short. These cost more, but they counter the basic


War Tank - or WTank. Owns all lesser tanks and can take a beating.

Anti-Air - or AAGun. This thing will own soldiers and the air.



These are not the main force of your army. You will build these for specific

situations or in response to a threat.

Recon - good against soldiers, but these are best used in Fog of War maps where

these have great vision. Their long movement range gets them places quickly,

but the move crappily on anything but roads.

Artillery - cheap long range attacking unit, but its range isn't that long. You

use about one of these for any army. You only build these if you plan to use

a conservative approach, if you want to play it safe.

Rockets - this is the long range unit to buy. The range is actually long and

it's powerful. The drawback is that it's expensive and weak when attacked and

the movement is crap. Best to keep these on a city and by roads.

Anti-Tank - seemingly a broken unit. You would think it is only strong against

tanks, but it can attack any ground unit and BCopters. On top of that, it can

take quite a beating from anything. Recons are good against it, but that's

about it. It also has no minimum range, so even attacking it with tanks is a

bad move. The only knock against these is that the maximum range is short.

Missiles - extremely strong AA (anti-air) unit. The range is huge, so if the

enemy is coming strong with an air force, build one of these and AAGuns.

Flare - another new unit to the game. These things are actually good combat

units against anything less than tanks, and they are armored too. But you

use these for FOW (Fog of War) maps to send flares into unknown areas. Build

one or two and set them in cities to keep track of your surrounding area.

Rig - a new ability for these is the temporary airports and ports. That is, you

place these on a plain or beach and they can build the temp buildings in two

turns. Other than that, these transport foot soldiers and can supply your army.

Build if you have a lot of units and they are travelling long distances.



There are two levels of air units: low and high altitude. Low levels are the

copters and dusters, while the fighters, bombers, and seaplanes are wayer up

there. Basically, a BCopter won't attack a fighter. Controlling the air is

nice, but will be expensive. Counter-air units are all cheaper.

Battle Copters - the spammable air unit that can travel with your tanks

and AAGuns.

Duster - the anti-BCopter unit. It's also decent against other air units and

soldiers. A good cheap counter to enemy fighters.

Fighters - the expensive AA air unit. Though it doesn't make much sense, this

thing can only attack air units, but it's extremely powerful against them.

However, about the only reason to build one is if your enemy is building

bombers, as AAGuns can take care of BCopters.

Bombers - the anti-ground air unit. Anything on the ground fears this, period.

Seaplane - the omni air unit. It can attack anything. They are made from

Carriers, but because of that they have limited fuel and ammo. If you are

building these you will win, especially if your Carrier is close and you have

rigs for support.

Transport Copters - just a transport for a single foot soldier.



Of course, only available on sea maps with ports. I always take the approach

of controlling the sea, then using the sea units to help control the land and

air. That usually means building gunboats, cruisers, and subs first. But your

goal is to use BShips and Carriers to win the land war.

Gunboat - a single foot soldier transport, but used more for its cheap solution

to enemy ships. The downside is its extremely low ammo, which is one shot, but

it's a powerful shot. Keep rigs, ports, and temp ports nearby, and retreat

after they shoot.

Cruiser - can attack ships, air units, and subs. It's the protector of the

seas and you must build them if you want to take the waters.

Subs - this is the strongest unit against sea units. You build them, dive them,

and then send them on stealth missions to take out BShips and Carriers and

anything else. They are countered with Cruisers. Keep rigs nearby so you can

supply their fuel as being underwater consumes alot of gas.

Battleship - in a little surprise, this thing can move AND then attack! That's

wild! Build these to support your land army and help control the seas. It's

very expensive, but worth it once you have the seas.

Carrier - simply put, build one and the game is over. You have to get it to the

fight and build seaplanes, but if you do that you will pretty much have the

victory. Carriers can transport two air units and attack air units too.

Landers - the ultimate transports. They can carry two of any ground unit in

these. Build and send to enemy beaches to cause them grief.



Here is a chart with some useful info for all units. It's in the game

booklet too.


| | | | | | |

| Name | Cost | Guns | Range | Vision | Moves |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Infantry | 1,500 | one | 1 | 2 | 3 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Mech | 2,500 | two | 1 | 2 | 2 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Bike | 2,500 | one | 1 | 2 | 5 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Recon | 4,000 | one | 1 | 5 | 8 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Tank | 7,000 | two | 1 | 3 | 6 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Medium Tank | 12,000 | two | 1 | 2 | 5 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| War Tank | 16,000 | two | 1 | 2 | 4 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Artillery | 6,000 | one | 2-3 | 3 | 5 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Anti-Air (AA) | 7,000 | one | 1 | 3 | 6 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Anti-Tank | 11,000 | one* | 1-3 | 2 | 4 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Rockets | 15,000 | one | 3-5 | 3 | 5 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Missiles | 12,000 | one | 3-6 | 5 | 5 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Flare | 5,000 | one** | 1 | 2 | 5 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Rig | 5,000 | none | N/A | 1 | 6 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Fighter | 20,000 | one | 1 | 5 | 9 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Bomber | 20,000 | one | 1 | 3 | 7 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Seaplane | 15,000 | one | 1 | 4 | 7 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Duster | 13,000 | one | 1 | 4 | 8 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Battle Copter | 9,000 | two | 1 | 2 | 6 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Transport Copter | 5,000 | none | N/A | 1 | 6 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Battleship | 25,000 | one | 3-5 | 3 | 5 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Carrier | 28,000 | one | 1 | 4 | 5 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Sub | 20,000 | one | 1 | 5 | 6 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Cruiser | 16,000 | two | 1 | 5 | 6 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Gunboat | 6,000 | one | 1 | 2 | 7 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

| | | | | | |

| Lander | 10,000 | none | N/A | 1 | 6 |

| | | | | | |

-------------------- ------------ ------------ --------- ---------- ---------

*Can fire both ranged and up close

**Has flare and can fire machine guns




Remember, use the terrain to your advantage.

Defensive Power|Effect

Road0| Use for easiest movement

Plain1| Hard for tires to cross

Wood3| Foot soldiers can cross easily

Mountain4| Foot soldiers only, mechs move best

Wasteland2| All but soldiers are hindered

Ruin1| A broken city

Fire0| Just a big torch for 5 squares

Bridge0|Ships can go under

River0| Only passable on foot

Beach0| Where units are loaded onto ships

Sea0| Just water

Rough Sea2| Slows naval units by a extra

Mist1| Hides units in FOW

Reef2| Also hides in FOW

Plasma0| Can't cross, powered by Meteor Shards

Meteor Shard99hp| Powers plasma and can block paths

City2| Capture for extra 1,000 in funds

Com Tower3| Boosts all units attack and defense

Radar3| Reveals area in FOW

Silo2| Get a soldier on to launch

Factory3| Capture to build ground units

Airport3| Buids air units

Port3| Builds sea units

Temporary Airport1| Built by rigs, repairs air units

Temporary Port1| Built by rigs, repairs sea units

Headquarters (HQ)4| Capture the enemy's to win


* 6. Commanding Officers ( COCO666 ) *



CO Gauge


To load a CO, have a unit over a production building or HQ and choose the CO

option. It will cost half as much as the unit loaded, but you want to only

load a CO on a powerful unit, usually an MTank, unless you are planning

something better than brute force.

You CO gauge in the upper right corner will relate to your CO Zone and CO

Power. The zone gets bigger when the gauge is half full, and a full gauge

makes a bigger zone and allows you to use your power if you wish.

You fill the gauge relative to the damage caused by units within the zone,

including the CO unit itself. So you will have to keep the CO with your main

army. It will be your toughest unit, so it should be able to hold its own.

One thing to note, only units in the zone will get the effects, and losing the

CO unit will lose the whole gauge.







Ground, direct-attack units

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 2

Boosts - Ground, direct-attack units

Effect - Attack (++), Defense (=)

CO Power:

Rally Cry - Direct-attack ground units can move by 2 more


Well, Isabella makes him a bit useless, unless that little bit of

attack really gets to you. I mean, Isa has his power and Gage's

power combined. This guy is good, but unless Isa is banned, go with

her instead.




Ground units

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 1

Boosts - Ground units

Effect - Attack (++), Defense (++)

CO Power:

Scout - Adds 2 to ground unit vision, and can see into cover


Well, unless you are on a FoW (Fog of War) map, she is just a ground

booster CO. There isn't much reason to use her on a normal map unless

you just like her. Possibly the true vanilla CO.




Boosts all units

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 2

Boosts - All units

Effect - Attack (+), Defense (+)

CO Power:

Deep Strike - Boosts mobility by 2, and range of indirect-attacks by 2


She is the upper tier CO of this game, just below Caulder levels by

a bit. Because, well, she makes Gage and Will a bit useless, though,

Gage is better on sea maps and Will gets a bit more attack, but still

this girl is better than both. Count her as the second best CO,

excluding Caulder of course.





CO Effect:

CO Zone - 3

Boosts - All units

Effect - Attack (=), Defense (++)

CO Power:

Reinforce - All units recover 3 HP


Eh, just defense, and defense wins championships. But his healing power

makes him slightly in the air of Caulder. Probably the third best CO

if you exclude Caulder.




Naval and indirect-attack units

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 2

Boosts - Naval and indirect-attack units

Effect - Attack (++), Defense (+)

CO Power:

Longshot - Boosts range of indirect-attack units by 2


He is the more balanced naval option since he also helps ground units.

Granted, for the naval units it really means the BShips, but you also

get stronger subs and everything else. But if using the naval part of

him, go with BShips.

And if you didn't catch it, the only reason to use this guy is if

either Isabella is banned, or it's a sea map.




Air unit boosts

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 1

Boosts - Air

Effect - Attack (++++), Defense (++)

CO Power:

Sonic Boom - Boost mobility of all air units by 2


Just spam BCopters, and tanks to counter AATanks, and you'll do fine.

Just your basic aerial CO.

Admiral Greyfield



Naval defense boost

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 3

Boosts - Navy, Seaplanes, Copters

Effect - Attack (+), Defense (++++)

CO Power:

Supply Chain - Refuel and reloads all units


Well, if you see water on your map, feel free to take him. His power

can affect how you manage fuel, if you do, but it's not a big deal.

It is a good power if you combine it with a bunch of Seaplanes.

Best to toss him into a BShip, or just go ground or air if there is

not much going on on the seas.




Mega Boost for all units in CO Zone

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 5

Boosts - All units

Effect - Attack (+), Defense (+)

CO Power:



It's not much of a boost, but the wide area means almost all of your

army will be slightly tougher than the enemy. Not even close to

broken. Nice middle-of-the-line CO.




Aerial defense boost

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 2

Boosts - Air units

Effect - Attack (++), Defense (+++)

CO Power:

Wingman - Boosts all air units


Just your basic aerial CO, he just leans a bit more toward defense.

Just stick him a Fighter and you pretty much own the sky.




All units are unaffected by weather

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 3

Boosts - All units

Effect - Attack (=), Defense (=)

CO Power:

Stormfront - Changes the weather


Well, it's all about setting off her power ASAP to sway the game in

your favor for three days. Her large CO Zone helps get that power up

quickly. That's about it, no bonuses, but still a solid CO.




Mega Boost for all units in CO Zone

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 0

Boosts - All units

Effect - Attack (+++++), Defense (+++++)

CO Power:

Firestorm - Damages units over a wide area


To get the power, best pack her into a MTank and get her attacking

units ASAP. At half a gauge, her zone expands to one, and then two at

full. The key to using her is to expand that zone, that way not just

her unit gets the x5 boosts. Her power is just a bomb dropped on the

biggest clump of valuable enemy units; it's like a nice little bail-

out, but you want to keep the zone you build up with her.

She kills in small maps. In any tiny map, whoever has her will win.

Mix and match the units to pop her into and see the results. I prefer

tanks so you can heal her cheaply.

Easily the best CO when not counting Caulder.




Supreme Boost that makes units in CO Zone stronger and heals them

CO Effect:

CO Zone - 3

Boosts - All units

Effect - Attack (+++++), Defense (+++++)

CO Power:



Honestly, I don't see how you can counter this guy. Sure, it costs

money to fix the units, but if you are playing smart, it's more like

building fresh units on the front lines. Just build a WTank, CO it,

and you win, well, so long as you play smart I don't see how you can

lose with him if the odds are even to start with.

FYI, don't use him in multiplayer. Actually, just use him once and

probably never again. The only time to use him in multi is if your

enemy is him too.


* 7. UK Translations *


Credit Brett for all of this. This is all his writing.

Usually the European counterparts of video game companies need to change the

game to putitin other languages so that a single game can be released across

Europe. However, I don't see why it was very important to change it for the

same language, but somebody high up on the Nintendo Europe chain does so they

went ahead with it. I have never played the first Advance Wars, but I have

played and own the American Versions of Advance Wars: Dual Strike and Advance

Wars 2, so have a decent idea of what's been changed from those two, whether

by sequel modifications or regionalisations.

First, the title is "Dark Conflict" and not "Days of Ruin".

Second, the Units:

Mech is called Bazooka

Bike is called Motorbike

Artillery is called a Mech Gun

Medium Tank is called a Heavy Tank

War Tank is called a Mega Tank

Rig is called Mobile Workshop

Battle and Transport Copters are called Battle and Transport Helicopters

(respectively and individually)

Duster is called a Fighter

Fighter is called an Interceptor

Seaplane is called a Ship Plance

Gun Boat is called a Missile Boat

Sub is called Submarine

A lot of those are really obscure or really obvious, but rules are rules...

The US units are on the left in case you missed that.

For Terrain, there are few differences. Mist in the US version is called Sea

Fog in the UK, Fire is called Fire Pillar, Beach is called Shoal, and Meteor

Shard is called Meteor.

Next, its CO's, is as much of an order of Appearance as possible.

Ed - Independant Legion - Main character/hero, found as a a survivor from the


O'Brian - Independant Legion - Leader of the Legion, passionate about others'


Lin - Independant Legion - The second in command of the Legion, a good


Catleia - Independant Legion - Has no memory of her past, and recently joined

the Legion

Cole - New Laurentian - One of Sigismundo's grunt wokrers, has met O'Brian


Flynn - New Laurentian - A heartless hotshot flyboy working for Sigismundo

and living it up

Sigismundo - New Laurentian - The leader of the remnant nation of Laurentia,

full of himself

Zadia - Zephyrian - An excellent pilot, she fights to avenge her dead brother

Trak - Zephyrian - A very proffesional soldier, shows little emotion and aims

for perfection

Carter - Zephyrian - The Respectable leader of the Zephyrian Army

Stolos - IDS - An inhumane business man and scientist, shows no love for human


Lili - Youngest IDS sister

Larissa - Oldest IDS sister

Cyrus - IDS son

Drakov - Bandit Leader from first few missions

Mayor/Civilians - Secondary characters from first few missions

I had another look through the instruction booklet and haven't noticed any

more differences. Also I compared the control schemes, and they are similar,

if not the same, so I think I hit all the buttons.


* 8. Author Info / Copyright *




Brett - for the UK translations




Q: Will you cover the trial and all the other maps?

A: No, as there are just too many and it's not like they have unthinkable

strats for people that beat the main game. If you understand how the game

works, you should be able to figure out the extra maps.

And to be honest, I don't have time to focus on all that.

Q: Are you sure telling people to build as much as possible is the best way to

get that technique score up higher?

A: Not sure, but it does seem like when I build less units my tech score is

high. Perhaps it is wise to not build so much.



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the walkthrough. The Quick Strat and Full Strat approach is weird, I know, but

I didn't want to do a move-by-move, that would have been crazy. This way may

not have worked, so I would honestly like to know.



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