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Fortnite Oblivion and Criterion Skins: When are the New Legendary Skins Available?

Epic can’t be accused of resting on their laurels. Following on from the mammoth 4.5 update comes a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of cosmetics that are coming to the game soon. Fortnite Oblivion and Criterion skins, being legendaries, look to be the absolute pick of the bunch and should be flying off the virtual shelves. But when’s the release date for the pair of legendary skins, how much will they cost and, most importantly, what will they look like?

Fortnite Oblivion and Criterion Skins: Possible Release Date

Using Fortnite season 4 as a guide, we’re looking at 10-week period in which the Fortnite Oblivion and Criterion skins could become available. The possible release date(s) will be between July 12 and September 1. As they’re legendary skins, the likelihood of their releases being staggered are quite high. Expect one of the skins to come in July, with the other coming in August.

Fortnite Oblivion and Criterion Skins: Cost

As ever, each legendary skin is expected to set you back 2,000 V-Bucks (roughly $20 or equivalent currency). These gold-hued rarity cosmetics never last long, and will always be one of the hot commodities when it comes to the battle royale. The Fortnite Oblivion and Criterion skins will be no exception.

Fortnite Oblivion and Criterion Skins: Images

While there’d be some out there (I’m looking at you) who would blindly buy a legendary skin no matter what it looks like, aesthetics are important for many. Thankfully, the Fortnite Oblivion and Criterion skins are lookers. Criterion riffs on the superhero theme with a blue and orange get-up with what looks like tiny watches on his body. His power is always arriving on time, I’ll bet.

As for Oblivion, its sleek black look is reminiscent of season 4’s Omega skin so, should you missed out on that the first time, this is more than an adequate replacement. You can see both below.

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