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Fortnite Infinite Dab: Where Can I Get the New Emote?

We all love a good leak, don’t we? Combine that with a dash of Fortnite and, yes, dabbing, and we’re golden. The Fortnite Infinite Dab emote is on its way to the game (via Fortnite Intel) and promises to be one of the most aggravating yet compelling dance moves yet. So, you’re probably asking: where and when can I get my hands on the new emote? Read on below to find out!

Fortnite Infinite Dab: Where Can I Get the New Emote?

Once the Fortnite infinite dab goes live, you’re going to have to be quick on the trigger. Not only will it be around for a limited time, most likely only a day or a week, but it could also be tucked away on the game’s storefront. It will be in one of the shop’s  sixtiles and, from there, you simply have to click the tile that says infinite dab (I won’t be able to click it fast enough) and you’ll then be taken to the item page to purchase it.

Fortnite Infinite Dab: Release Date

We can expect the new emote to go live sometime during Fortnite season 5. That could be anytime from July 12 to well into late-August/early September. However, now that it’s been leaked, you can expect the clamor for it to increase and, with it, a chance at an earlier release date.

Fortnite Infinite Dab: Cost

With the original dab emote costing Fortnite players 500 V-Bucks, you’ll be hard pressed to see the infinite dab going for any less than that. Expect it to stay at 500 V-Bucks.

Fortnite Infinite Dab: Other Emotes

The infinite dab isn’t the only post-4.5 Fortnite emote we have coming our way. There’s also the Bring It (for fans of The Rock, if ya can smell what that lawsuit is cooking), Eagle, True Heart and Sparkler.

Fortnite Infinite Dab: Is Dabbing Still Cool?

Umm, yeah. Duh.