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Fortnite 4th July Skins: Everything to Know About Independence Day Skins

Independence Day is coming. A set of Fortnite 4th July skins and items have been uncovered which begs the question whether an Independence Day event may be on the way. We’ll take a look at that, as well as the release date for the skins, their cost, as well as the extra emotes on offer. Welcome to Earth, where everything is Fortnite.

Fortnite 4th July Skins: How Many Skins Are Available?

According to datamined files, there will be a grand total of three Fortnite 4th July skins: Fireworks Team Leader (Epic), Star Spangled Trooper (Uncommon), and Star Spangled Ranger (Uncommon).

Fortnite 4th July Skins: Release Date (Not a Trick Question)

You’d hope, if Epic has got their heads screwed on tight after counting all of that sweet, sweet cash money, that these skins would make their way to the game the week commencing Monday, July 2. That would give the items enough buildup before the big day.

Fortnite 4th July Skins: Cost

  • Fireworks Team Leader (1,500 V-Bucks)
  • Star Spangled Trooper (800 V-Bucks)
  • Star Spangled Ranger (800 V-Bucks)

Fortnite 4th July Skins: Independence Day Event

There has been nothing thus far to indicate that Epic are looking to celebrate with an Independence Day event (no, I’m not bitter because I’m British), but you never know. The reveal of these skins means that many more upcoming events and anniversaries are fair game, even if we’re not getting a dedicated event or LTM. Although an Uncle Sam firework-launchers-only mode sure would be fun…

Fortnite 4th July Skins: Extra Items

As well the Fortnite 4th July skins, we’re also getting a Sparklers emote, as well as an Uncle Sam-style Blasting Cap backpack. For those who want to look patriotic and classy, you can get the whole shebang for a smidgen over 2,500 V-Bucks. USA! USA! USA!

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