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Overwatch Wrecking Ball PTR Release Date: New Hero Hammond Release Date

The internet is abuzz right now with the new hero announced, but what is the Overwatch Wrecking Ball release date? We now know that Hammond (aka Wrecking Ball) is indeed the new Hero 28 as expected, but he’s not the chimp or woman we initially thought. Again, Blizzard has subverted our expectations and given us a surprise hero.

Of course, the thought on many players’ minds soon after finding out about Hero 28 is when is the Overwatch Hammond release date? It’s great that we now know we have another hero coming soon but what’s really important is when we can play as the little guy. We hope to answer that question in this FAQ.

Overwatch Wrecking Ball Release Date: When Will the New Hero be on the PTR and Live Server

It’s worth noting right now from the start that we don’t have an official Overwatch Wrecking Ball release date just yet. However, that doesn’t stop us from speculating on when he will release into the wilds like we did with Brigitte previously. Our predictions were pretty accurate then so using that, we should be able to figure out when Hammond will roll his way in.

To start with figuring out the Overwatch Hammond release date, we need to look at previous new heroes in the past. Blizzard always teases then officially announces a new hero a bit before we actually get to play them. Brigitte was made available on the public test realm almost immediately upon announcement.

Moira, however, didn’t get put on the PTR until the following week after her announcement. We suspected a similar thing to happen with the Overwatch Hammond release date. We thought he would be added to the PTR next week – possibly July 5th – before coming to PC and consoles everywhere in a couple of weeks around mid-July.

However, Blizzard threw in another surprise today. Wrecking Ball is available on the Overwatch PTR right now. That’s right, you can play as Hammond on the PTR starting today. While you’re waiting for the update to complete you can check out his origin video below.