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Fortnite Turbo Farming: How to Turbo Farm in Fortnite

Learning how to turbo farm in Fortnite can put players at a real advantage when rushing to quickly gather resources, or take out an enemy during a pickaxe duel. Fortnite turbo farming is undoubtedly a broken gameplay mechanic that I imagine will soon be patched. However, for the time being, it’s an easy-to-use strategy that gives players an advantage in those intense 100-player Battle Royale matches. Here’s a guide on how to turbo farm in Fortnite on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite Turbo Farming: How to Turbo Farm in Fortnite

How to turbo farm in Fortnite is actually pretty simple, providing you have the correct emote. I’ve tested the “Wave,” which works well, though other quick emotes should also work. Set that emote to the first slot.

Next, you’ll want to head into your key bindings and set “Locker Emote Slot 1” to the right mouse button. (This won’t affect your zooming in with guns, so don’t worry.) If done correctly, hitting the right mouse button with the pickaxe equipped will lead to the Wave emote being activated.

The final step is to master the technique. There are two types of pickaxe swings: from your character’s left shoulder to their right side, and from your character’s right shoulder to their left side. The latter is where you’ll be wanting to use the right mouse button. Wait for the right to left swing to make contact with the resource you’re hitting, then push the right mouse button to interrupt the recovery animation before immediately beginning to swing again.

You’ll want to interrupt every right to left swing, which will take some mastering!

Fortnite Turbo Farming on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

How to Turbo Farm in Fortnite

On PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch things work pretty much the same. Instead of mapping the locker emote to the right mouse button, however, you’ll be wanting to make sure only the Wave is on your emote wheel. Simply tap down on the D-pad (or your console’s respective emote input) to do a quick emote as the right to left swing makes contact with the resource.

Fortnite Turbo Farming on iPhone

Unfortunately, it doesn’t yet seem possible for iPhone players to turbo farm. If this changes, I’ll be sure to update the guide and let you know!