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Fortnite Sky Crack: What Is the Crack in the Sky?

The Fortnite sky crack is the latest mystery that the community is busy theorizing about, with many asking, “What is the crack in the sky?” Following the one-time rocket launch event, which was quite the spectacle for those lucky enough to witness it, a huge crack was left permanently embedded into the sky. This crack perhaps shows that a shield surrounding the island is failing, leaving it open to outside forces. There are a few theories floating around. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite sky crack.

Fortnite Sky Crack: What Is the Crack in the Sky?

The Fortnite crack in the sky is a huge glowing crack that was made by the recent rocket launch. While some think it’s actually a portal to another dimension, or a gateway allowing for time travel, to me it looks like a crack in aq shield that is protecting the island. At this point, it’s not yet clear what exactly the Fortnite sky crack is. However, I don’t think we’re going to have to wait long to find out what Epic Games is planning to do with it. Expect the conclusion of Season 4 to feature this crack opening up and causing some kind of destruction or rift.

Fortnite Season 5 Theories

Fortnite Sky Crack

It’s likely that the Fortnite sky crack actually means something for the future of the game. We’re coming close to the end of Season 4, which should mean that developer Epic Games is ready to unleash an epic conclusion. Whatever happens will shape the landscape for Season 5, introducing a new theme and changing the environment which we battle on.

Some Fortnite Season 5 theories now include time travel, while others feature pirates. The Fortnite sky crack and rocket launch also make aliens seem possible. We’ll no doubt find out when Season 5 releases on July 12.