Silent Hill: Origins PS2 Cheats

Unlock the Tesla Rifle

Beat game once & save.

Reload game save & find room key 502. It is north of the hospital, up the long flight of stair's. Play through the game until you are at the Motel level.

Now use the key to open the door you could not open before and you will get the UFO ending.

Save your game & reload.

The Tesla Rifle will be in your inventory.

Unlock Codebreaker suit

Enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, O anytime during the game.You can enter the code whenever you want but you will not get the suit until you finish the game.

Unlockable Costumes(Accolades)


How to Unlock
Ambassador Accolade - Starman-style Space OutiftUsed the 502 room key in Riverside Motel/UFO Ending (Reward: Tesla Rifle)
Brawler Accolade - Mexican Wrestler OutfitKilled 50% or more monsters with your fists
Butcher Accolade - Bloody ClothesKilled 100 or more monsters and beaten the game normally (Reward: Great Cleaver)
Cartographer Accolade - Cartographer OutfitLooked at map less than 25 times
Codebreaker Accolade - VincentEntered the Konami code U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,X,O during anytime on your next game
Collector Accolade - Collector OutfitCollected more than 300 items
Daredevil Accolade - Dog FursuitNever saved the game once
Explorer Accolade - Explorer OutfitWalked more than 22.5 km
Fireman Accolade - Fireman UniformSaved Alessa from the house in less than 80 seconds (Reward: Fire Axe)
Savior Accolade - Lonely Moon Leather OutfitBeaten the game once (Reward: Moon Gauntlets)
Sharpshooter Accolade - Survivalist ClothesKilled 75% or more monsters with firearms
Sprinter Accolade - Cross Training ClothesBeaten the game less than 2 hours (Reward: No fatigue when worn)
Stalker Accolade - Black Ops OutfitHad the flashlight on less than 3 hours (Reward: Night Vision Goggles)
Weaponsmith Accolade - Streetfighter ClothesKilled 75% or more monsters with melee weapons