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Fortnite Anchor: Where is the Rift Anchor and What Does it Mean?

Epic sure know how to get its players’ heads in a spin. First there was the Fortnite Blast Off event, which bought rifts to the map, and now this: a Fortnite anchor that has seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Here’s where to find the Fortnite anchor as well as what it could mean for the future of the battle royale, especially with Fortnite season five just around the corner.

Fortnite Anchor: Where is the Rift Anchor?

While you’re unlikely to have seen the one-time-only rift that brought the anchor into the Fortnite universe, you can still find the rift anchor, as I’m now christening it, without too much of a hassle.

To find the stranded ship equipment, simply head to the giant hill between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores and, near the edge, you’ll find a wooden anchor looking like, well, a fish out of water.

Fortnite Anchor: What Does it Mean?

While we’re already used to rifts devouring parts of the map, this is the first time, to my knowledge, that a new item has appeared because of the rifts. Whether the Fortnite anchor is a hint at the upcoming theme for the next season (more on that in a sec) is anyone’s guess but, if you want my opinion, it feels like Epic are just, again excuse the pun, testing the waters for a mishmash of themes, and picking and choosing which ones might get the best reaction from the community. At the very least, don’t expect Fortnite to be restrained by one historical period or theme, should that be the road they wish to go down.

Fortnite Anchor: Season Five

We don’t know what the Fortnite anchor means (yet), but we have a pretty good idea of when we’ll find out. Season five is launching on July 12 and that promises to answer at least some of the mysteries behind the rifts and their odd behavior.