Fortnite Durr Burger IRL: Where Did the Real World Fortnite Item Land?

I… can’t quite believe I’m typing out these words, but here we go: Fortnite Durr Burger, the game’s fast-food chain, has had its mascot appear in the real-world thanks to a trans-dimensional rift. Epic has taken its marketing to the next level and you can still go and see the incredible Easter egg for yourself. If you want to see the Fortnite Durr Burger IRL, we have its location, as well as the story behind who found it, and what could be next.

Fortnite Durr Burger IRL: Where is It?

The desert outside of Palmdale, California is currently home to the Fortnite Durr Burger. You can still go and see it via these coordinates (via Reddit) as of writing, and someone will even hand you a card upon finding it. It gets stranger. There’s a phone number on the back of said card that, when rung, simply plays the sound of the rift sucking objects up in Fortnite. Just when you thought the game couldn’t get any stranger…

Fortnite Durr Burger IRL: Who Found It?

The first person to find the Fortnite Durr Burger IRL was photographer Sela Shiloni who, hilariously, doesn’t have a clue about Fortnite and posted his find on Twitter, utterly bemused and what he came across.

Fortnite Durr Burger IRL: What Does it Mean?

Don’t worry, Fortnite isn’t *really* invading the real world. Epic has simply set up an ARG for players to get further invested in the game. All roads, however, are leading to Fortnite season 5 on July 12. Whether the desert setting is a hint to a new map change, it’s certainly a possibility, is anyone’s guess but, for now, it appears that the items are just extensions of the Fortnite Blast Off event.

Fortnite Durr Burger IRL: Are There More Real World Fortnite Items Out There?

The likes of the motel at Anarchy Acres and the Lonely Lodge sign have all been affected by rifts in recent days. Despite that, no one has stumbled across any of these items in the real world as of yet. Thinking realistically, only those in the US are likely to find any real world Fortnite items but you never know. Keep your eyes peeled and you might just go viral thanks to a Fortnite motel sign.