Box art - Prey (2017)

Prey Mooncrash Update 1.07 Patch Notes and PC Download Size Fix

A Prey Mooncrash update released today which brings a host of new content and changes to the game. The Full Moon update patch notes list some adjustments to the expansion and a few new Elder Scrolls and The Evil Within themed goodies as well. Players will also be excited to hear that Prey Mooncrash patch 1.07 brings two new mimic hats.

Prey Mooncrash Update 1.07 Patch Notes

The Full Moon patch mostly brings small adjustments to the game as well as some quality of life features that will alleviate some frustration for players. Here are the gameplay adjustments and changes that come with Prey Mooncrash patch 1.07:

  • Slight increase to the Sim Point cost and Fabrication cost of the Delay_Loop.Time consumable.
  • “Abort Current Run” option added which allows you to kill your current operator and return to the operator selection screen.
  • Slightly increased Neuromod Sim Point cost.
  • Fix to Care4Yu S-i34000x chipset blocking the poison effect during the “It Gets Worse” quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weapon upgrades to revert if dropped in a level before a transition.

These fixes also affect the base game of Prey:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the anti-aliasing setting to return to default after exiting and restarting the game. (PC Only)
  • Minor bug fixes.

The update also brought some neat cosmetics:

  • Elder Scrolls and The Evil Within operator skins
  • Engraved Weapons
  • Two new mimic hats (bamboo and striped top hat)

Prey Mooncrash Update 1.07 PC Download Size Fix

It’s been reported that the download size for the PC version of the Full Moon update was around 16 GB. This was a mistake, and the patch has been taken down temporarily to fix it.

For now, the only fix for the PC update is to wait until Bethesda rolls the fixed version out.