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Destiny 2 Saxophone: How to Fix the Free Weekend Error

Picture the scene: you’ve had a great time playing through Bungie’s epic on the Destiny 2 free weekend from July 7-July 9 and, as you’re about to fire the game up again, you’re met with a Saxophone error code that essentially bricks your game. Even more annoying, there seems to be very little info on how to fix the Destiny 2 saxophone code. There are, however, a couple of ways around it…

Destiny 2 Saxophone: Why Am I Seeing This Error?

There are one of two reasons why you’re likely to see this error. The most likely one is that you’ve been playing Destiny 2 during the free weekend on PC and the trial has expired. You can no longer play the game and, instead of Bungie including a message saying as much, you’re met with the cryptic saxophone error code instead.

The Saxophone error may also be connected to a server-side issue but, again, this makes a fix even less likely.

Destiny 2 Saxophone: How to Fix the Free Weekend Error

Frustratingly, fixing the Destiny 2 saxophone error isn’t always a case of buying the main game once your trial has expired (though that can work on cases). In fact, the full game can still have this persistent issue even after you’ve bought the game after the free weekend.

Bungie’s official line is, welp, the free weekend has expired, which helps precisely no one.

Bungie’s suggestion to fix the error is to close the Destiny 2 app on PC and restart through the launcher. However, you could also try double-checking to make sure the account you bought Destiny 2 with and the one you played the free trial on are one and the same.