Rondo of Swords DS Cheats

New Game +

Beat the game once and you can start over again with your previous game's data, as well as all the items and money you collected.



How to Unlock
Aegil in Stage 17Send Serdic to east door of the start point while Marie is alive
Alhambra in Stage 10Go near the big boulder and talk with Serdic
Ansom in Stage 5Talk to with anyone
Arios in Stage 13Talk to with Elmer
Cotton in Stage 9Clear the hidden Stage 9
Elmer in Stage 12Talk to with Selmer
Garahad in Stage 21Talk to with Igraine
Izuna in Stage 19Talk to Yumiluna with Serdic in stage 18 and have Shino talk with Izuna
Owl in Stage 7Talk to with Marie
Rukia in Stage 11Talk to with Serdic
Shino in Stage 15Talk to with Serdic while Marie is alive
Simon in Stage 18Talk to with Marie or Serdic
Yumiluna in Stage 18Talk to with Serdic
Hidden stage 9Don't allow any of the townspeople in stage 8 to die
Hidden stage 18Open the prison door and then have Serdic talk to Yumiluna