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Zelda Skyward Sword Heart Piece Locations: How to get more health

Skyward Sword is getting a new lease on life thanks to recent re-release The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Naturally, loads of new players are jumping into Link’s air-bending adventure. The goal is to become the ultimate Hero of Time, but before you can take on the realm’s biggest baddies, you’ll want to get more health. Fortunately, that’s as easy as finding the location of each Heart Piece.

All Heart Piece Locations in Zelda: Skyward Sword

All Heart Piece Locations in Zelda: Skyward Sword

Like with other Zelda games, you can get more health in Skyward Sword by collecting Heart Pieces. Four heart pieces are needed to increase your max health by one heart, and the game has 24 different Heart Pieces total for you to find.

Here’s where each Heart Piece is located. Note that some Heart Pieces require certain items or abilities to reach, such as bombs or the bow.

01 – Faron Woods

This Heart Piece is on a ledge jutting out from the Great Tree.

02 – Lumpy Pumpkin

Repeatedly roll into the railing to drop the chandelier holding the Heart Piece.

03 – The Sky

Strike the Goddess Cube outside the Skyview Temple with the Skyward Strike to reach the Goddess Chest containing the Heart Piece.

04 – Skyview Temple

Use the Beetle to reach through the opening behind the bird statue and hit the switch to open the grate.

05 – Eldin Volcano

Follow the winding path up and across the hidden platforms near the skeleton bridge in Eldin.

06 – Skyloft

Rewarded by Batreaux after collecting 10 Gratitude Crystals.

07 – Lanayru Desert

Follow the path in the upper right side of the map to a cracked wall, then bomb it to reach the Heart Piece inside.

08 – The Sky

Locked within Goddess Chest #12 on Beedle Island, which is opened with the Goddess Cube at the Temple of Time.

09 – Fun Fun Island

Prize reward for playing Dodoh’s High Dive.

10 – Lumpy Pumpkin

Rewarded for completing Pumm’s tasks after breaking his chandelier.

11 – Faron Woods

Bomb the cracked wall in the southwest area of Faron Woods.

12 – Skyloft

Once you get the Water Dragon’s Scale, activate the Goddess Cube #9 at the Eldin Volcano. After that, follow the newly opened passageway in the river at Skyloft.

13 – The Sky

This Heart Piece is hidden on the eastern island that opens after activating Goddess Cube #14 in Faron Woods.

14 – Skyloft

Use the Double Clawshots to get into the chimney at the Knight Academy, then sneak into Zelda’s room and open the cabinet.

15 – Sandship

Requires the Double Clawshots to reach the treasure chest on the distant boat.

16 – Skyloft

This Heart Piece is found on the eastern waterfall island near Skyloft after activating Goddess Cube #21 at the Pirate Stronghold.

17 – Skyloft

Give Fledge two Stamina Potions, then earn 600 or more points in his bow minigame.

18 – Fire Sanctuary

Use the Mogma Mitts to dig into the ground at the northwest side of the Temple, then talk to the Mogma.

19 – Volcano Summit

Use the Mogma Mitts to dig near the frag statues on the path toward Volcano Summit.

20 – Bug Rock

Found in a chest within Thunderhead after activating Goddess Cube #22 at Volcano Summit.

21 – Sealed Grounds

Rewarded when drawing the correct pattern for Gorko on the Goddess Wall.

22 – Shipyard

Rewarded for completing the Rickety Coaster minigame on expert difficulty in under 65 seconds.

23 – Lanayru Gorge

Rewarded for beating four consecutive bosses in Thunder Dragon’s Lightning Round.

24 – Skyloft

Purchased from Beedle’s Air Shop for 1,600 Rupees.