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Fortnite Road Trip Skin Mystery Item Unlock Guide

The Fortnite Road Trip skin is the featured Season 5 Battle Pass mystery item, which players will need to work really hard to unlock. Last time, we saw The Visitor added as the mystery item, which players actually a little disappointed by. There were already many good-looking skins in the game, and The Visitor didn’t really impress, with no progression unlocks. Despite this, the hype levels have returned to extreme, with players speculating on what the Fortnite Road Trip skin could possibly unlock. Here’s how you unlock the Fortnite Road Trip skin.

Fortnite Road Trip Skin Mystery Item Unlock Guide

Fortnite Road Trip Skin

If you owned the Season 4 Battle Pass, you will already be familiar with what’s required to unlock the Fortnite Road Trip skin. Unfortunately, it’s one hell of an effort to get the skin, with players needing to complete seven separate weeks of challenges. That comes to 49 total challenges, which is obviously a pretty big ask!

We won’t see what the Fortnite Road Trip skin looks in-game like until Season 5 Week 7. That is the earliest point that the skin can be unlocked. However, it’s likely that the patch that introduces this skin will be datamined before the new challenges go live. Expect to see the Fortnite Road Trip skin leaked a couple of days early. The sooner you get a glimpse of it, the sooner you’ll know whether or not it’s worth the grind!

The Visitor skin hinted at the conclusion to Season 4, so it’s possible that the Fortnite Road Trip mystery item will tease what’s going to happen at the end of Season 5. At this point, we really don’t know what to expect. At time of writing, Season 5 has just begun, and while crazy things have happened, we’ve got 74 days until the Season ends. Things will become much clearer then!