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Fortnite Lightning Bolt: Where Are the Purple Lightning Bolt Locations?

The Fortnite lightning bolt location challenge, which tasks you with “Search floating lightning bolts,” may sound tricky, but it’s actually quite simple. And, as this isn’t labeled as a “Hard” Season 5 Battle Pass challenge, you can expect it to be relatively easy. Though they are described as “floating,” this is not a skydiving mission, meaning it doesn’t necessarily require multiple rounds to complete. You can do this all in one go, if you manage to stay alive and traverse the map quickly!

Fortnite Purple Lightning Bolt: Where Are the Floating Lightning Bolt Locations?

Though the Fortnite floating lightning bolt mission only tasks players with finding seven of them, there are significantly more available around the map. Epic Games isn’t being brutal and only distributing the seven required, which would no doubt lead to absolute chaos. Instead, there are many to choose from, as shown on the map below. (It’s possible that there are even more lightning bolt locations out there, so keep an eye out and let us know!)

Fortnite Floating Lightning Bolt

As mentioned above, this isn’t a skydiving challenge, and though they are described as “floating,” the lightning bolts are actually just slightly off the ground. It is kind of odd that Epic Games used the word “floating” here, but whatever!

Fortnite Lightning Bolt Challenge Reward

As the Fortnite floating lightning bolt is a normal difficulty challenge, players are only given 5 Battle Stars for completing it. (If you are already at Tier 100, you’ll be gifted 500 XP instead.)

Using our guide, this should be a fairly straightforward challenge to complete. The Fortnite floating lightning bolt challenge will be much more difficult for those just walking around and hoping to come across them. Of course, at time of writing there are 10 weeks of Season 5 left, and so there really is no rush to finish these challenges.