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How to Turn On Fortnite Sound Visualizer for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

A new Season in Fortnite is like a birthday for many of us. Each one brings with it tons of changes. Fortnite Season 5 has no doubt brought the goods. A huge amount of updates have hit Fortnite today.  Plenty of new emotes, skins and new items have hit the game, but there are a large amount of smaller, harder to notice changes in Fortnite Season 5. One such change is the Fortnite Sound Visualizer.

Previously only on Fortnite Mobile, the Sound Visualizer has made its way across to all platforms. In the Fortnite official patch notes, Epic Games explained that it “now allow[s] users to enable the same sound visualizer on all platforms that were created for mobile.”

Fortnite Sound Visualizer: How to Turn it On For Consoles

Turning on the Fortnite sound visualizer on consoles couldn’t be easier. The method is the same across PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. To turn on the Fortnite sound visualizer, all you need to do is head on over to the “Accessibility” tab in Fortnite’s settings. There should be an option to simply turn the Fortnite sound visualizer on and off waiting for you. It is just that easy. However, there is a small issue with the sound visualizer. “While the visualizer is enabled, audible sound effects will be muted.” This won’t affect Fortnite mobile, though: “Mobile platforms are unaffected by this change and will retain sound effects and the visualizer.”

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Although the Fortnite sound visualizer comes with a warning on console, it’s a neat addition. Overall, Fortnite Season 5 is more than bringing the goods. We’ve already covered the Fortnite Season 5 map, the new locations, (Lazy Links and Paradise Palms), and even how to turn the new Fortnite Switch motion controls on and off.

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