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Fortnite Rifts: What Happens When You Go Into a Rift?

Following the new 5.0 updateFortnite rifts have been opening all over the map, begging the question: “What happens when you go into a rift?” Well, if you’re feeling brave, you could just go ahead and jump into one right now… Or, you could keep on reading to learn what occurs before you take the plunge! Here’s what happens when you go into a rift in Fortnite, both on foot and while driving the new All Terrain Kart!

Where are the Fortnite Rift Locations?

The Fortnite rift locations appear to be random. They seem to spawn at named places pretty often, so keep your eyes open around those areas. Happily, reports say that they are relatively common, so if you’re just wandering around the island, you should eventually bump into one.

They are fairly easy to spot on standard terrain, where the rift’s colors contrast to the grassy background. In the desert, however, which is made up of sand (duh!), the Fortnite rifts do tend to blend in, making them difficult to spot.

If you’re racing around in a vehicle, pay special attention to the road, as if you accidentally bump into a rift— Well, you’ll see what happens below!

Fortnite Rifts: What Happens When You Go Into a Rift?

This is what happens when you go into a rift on Fortnite. See below for a clip by Cornelius_253, who posted his video recording to Reddit:

Stepping through a Rift from r/FortNiteBR

As for what happens when you drive an All Terrain Kart through a rift… Well, the exact same thing happens, only you’re in a vehicle! Check out CabooseRooster‘s clip below:

Driving The Golf Cart Through a Rift Portal from r/FortNiteBR

Dropping from the sky is a cool feature tied to the Fortnite rifts. I wonder if it will lead to some impressive escapes in normal gameplay. I’m looking forward to those videos!