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DBZ Dokkan Battle Summon Porunga Hints: How to Get the Porunga Dragon Balls

A new update to Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle lets you summon Porunga. To do so, you need to find the Porunga Dragon Balls hidden throughout Dokkan Battle. There are 21 balls, and you have to collect them in a set order to bring forth the massive Namekian dragon. Below we’ll tell you all the Porunga Dragon Ball locations.

How to Find the Dragon Balls and Summon Porunga in DBZ Dokkan Battle

There are three sets of seven Porunga Dragon Balls in Dokkan Battle. This equals out to 21 balls, but you have the collect the first set before you can move on to the second one, and so forth. One ball from each set is available each day, so you have to log in at least 21 days to get all of them. You get a small hint each day as to what you need to do to get the Dragon Ball, so check back each day to see if the one available is one you need or one you’ve already got.

DBZ Dokken Battle Porunga Dragon Balls Set One Mission Hints

  1. Clue: Daily training is crucial to getting stronger.: For this Dragon Ball, you need to train with one character.
  2. Clue: Find the button for switching between Quests and Events on the HOME screen.: You just need to switch between quests and events a few times to get this ball.
  3. Clue: Battle alongside the little warrior who saved Dende from Dodoria.: Complete a quest with any of the Gohan (Kid) variations as part of your team.
  4. Clue: Is it possible to be friends with yourself?: Search for your own friend ID in friend search and try to send a friend request.
  5. Clue: The Scouter had an abnormal reaction?!: Go to the summon screen and tap on the scouter to look at the featured unit for this ball.
  6. Clue: Where can you find lots of Awakening Medals?: Complete one stage of the Battle for Awakening Medals.
  7. Clue: A Dragon Ball is also hidden inside the banner!?: On the home screen look for the banner marked with a question mark. Tap it to get the Dragon Ball.

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