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Fortnite Enduring Cape and Frozen Shroud Store Guide

The Fortnite Enduring Cape and Frozen Shroud back bling items have been leaked early. Datamined files from Fortnite Season 5 have leaked a whole bunch of new items and emotes. Fortnite players will soon be able to buy and equip both the Enduring Cape and Frozen Shroud cosmetic items from the game’s store. This is some funky back bling, that’s for sure!

Fortnite Enduring Cape

Fortnite Enduring Cape

Thanks to the leak, we know that the Fortnite Enduring Cape is a legendary back bling. The fur cape is battle-proven and helps to finish off any Viking look you may be going for. Indeed, the Enduring Cape is part of the Fortnite Magnus Skin. Don the battlefields as a legendary Viking warrior, pillage for loot and have a good old sing-song down the tavern in Snobby Shores. This legendary outfit will set you back a whopping 2,000 V-Bucks, but the Enduring Cape sure is nice. Just imagine all the swishing around corners you could do in this bad boy.

Fortnite Frozen Shroud

Fortnite Enduring Cape

If one Viking item wasn’t enough for you, the Fortnite Frozen Shroud is here to give your Viking a little gothic flair. This all-black back bling is tattered and ancient. The leak tells us it is a legendary item. The Fortnite Frozen Shroud back bling is part of an item earning through the Season 5 Battle Pass. Ragnarok Level 3 to be precise. You’ll need to grab an additional 75,000 XP to earn this, following the rise to Tier 100. Get grinding!

Of course, the Fortnite Enduring Cape and Frozen Shroud items will be able to be worn with any skin you like. Want to add a bit of Viking flair to your Fortnite character? You will be able to soon. Better start saving up those V-Bucks and leveling up your Battle Pass! These don’t come cheap.

[via @siloxleaks]