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PUBG Rony Location: Where Is the New Pickup Truck?

The PUBG Rony location is being kept exclusive to the new Sanhok map, which means that players won’t be able to find the new vehicle on Erangel or Miramar. According to the game’s official Twitter account, this new PUBG truck “excels at moving across Sanhok’s hilly landscapes.” It also boasts room for up to four players, allowing an entire squad to ride together.

PUBG Rony Location: What Is the New Vehicle?

As mentioned above, the PUBG Rony pickup truck is a Sanhok-exclusive vehicle that will soon be available on the game’s Test Server. (Once deemed stable enough, it will then make its way across to live servers.) This isn’t the first item to be held as a map-exclusive, as the developers have often designed items with a certain environment in mind. We’ve seen weapons and other vehicles reserved for Erangel and Miramar, which don’t feature in the Sanhok experience. It’s like the devs want each map to really feel and play differently, with even the equipment being unique.

The PUBG Twitter account shared the first details of the new Rony pickup truck:

PUBG Rony Location: Where Is the New Pickup Truck?

The PUBG Rony location is exclusive to Sankhok. This means that players will not be able to find it on Erangel or Miramar. If you want to give this vehicle a go, you’ll need to play on that “Mini Royale” map. Load onto the map with a 4-player squad and you’ll all be able to ride in a single Rony. However, players should be wary of sitting in the back, as those seats are out in the open.

Once it hits the Test Server, players will be able to give it a go. Hopefully it manages to traverse the extremely hilly areas with ease, as I’ve personally got stuck on sharp inclines that forced me to get out and run. Come on, Rony, save the day!