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PUBG Xbox Update 17 Patch Notes: New Attachments, SLR Weapon, Mirado Vehicle and More

The PUBG Xbox Update 17 patch notes have now been detailed, revealing some massive changes that will really be shaking up the meta, as well as weapon and vehicle additions that will give Xbox One players more options on the battlefield. The most notable changes include weapon balance tweaks, new attachments, the SLR gun, and Mirado vehicle. Here’s a rundown of the PUBG Xbox Update 17 patch notes, which includes all of the highlights.

PUBG Xbox Update 17 Patch Notes: New Attachments, SLR Weapon, Mirado Vehicle and More

Kicking off the PUBG Xbox Update 17 patch notes are the weapon balance changes. Most of the pistols have been given a big buff, and the overall damage and effective range of shotguns have also been boosted. SMGs have been adjusted to be more effective in short-range combat, while ARs have been largely nerfed so that no rifle is the clear best. DMRs have received a buff, excluding the SKS which has had its damage nerfed. The M24 sniper rifle has also had its damage reduced, but it now appears in the world, instead of care packages. The damage of both the DP28 and M249 has been slightly increased.

New attachments can now be found in the world, with the duckbill, light grip, thumb grip, half grip, 3x scope, and 6x scope now available.

PUBG Xbox Update 17

The SLR weapon has been added to the Xbox One Game Preview version. It’s a DMR which uses 7.62mm ammo and contains 10 bullets per magazine. It’s more powerful than the SKS, but has more recoil. The devs warn that “recoil control is the key to using the SLR effectively.”

The Mirado classic muscle car is exclusive to the Miramar map. It can be found around downtown areas and main city streets. The new Mirado vehicle is supposed to compliment the other unique vehicles, boasting the fastest travel speed.

There are many other, albeit more minor, changes included with the PUBG Xbox Update 17. More details can be found over at the official PUBG Forums.

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