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Fortnite Tac SMG Vaulted: Did Epic put the Tactical SMG in the Vault ?

Is the tac SMG vaulted?!” I hear many Fortnite players scream. “What is the Fortnite vault?!” others cry out. Fortunately, both of these questions can be answered with a single guide, which means less typing for me, and less reading for you. The Fortnite vault isn’t as mysterious as it sounds, and although it can sometimes be viewed as a type of graveyard where all Fortnite guns and features are destined to go one day, it’s actually a pretty good thing for us, the gamers. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite vault.

What Is the Fortnite Vault?

Put simply, the Fortnite vault is the place where guns, vehicles, and other in-game features go when they are removed from the live build of the game. Some weapons are rotated out to make room for other guns, while others are pulled out suddenly, due to requiring a fix.

The vault allows Epic Games to keep on creating new content and adding to the Battle Royale experience, without overcrowding things. This also helps keep the gameplay experience feeling fresh, with different weapon rotations challenging players in new ways. This is especially important with this game, as there is only one map, which really limits possibilities and endgame scenarios.

Fortnite Vault: Where Is the Tactical SMG?

Fortnite Vault

Most recently, the tactical SMG was added to the vault, making room for the new SMG. It’s possible that the tactical SMG will eventually return, but for now, it’s not currently available in the game.

Another infamous item that has been in and out of the Fortnite vault is the shopping cart. The devs had a tough time getting the shopping cart to behave, as its physics properties were all over the place, making for some crazy results. It’s now finally fixed and in the game!