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Will There Be a Fortnite TV Show Release Date?

It’s oh-so-easy to get suckered in by a parody account or two these days. The internet is a wild place full of trigger-happy articles about the latest rumors and whispers, with nary a source to back it up. Case in point: the Fortnite TV show release date. No, it’s not coming and, as you’ll soon see, it’s the product of a Twitter account that more than a few fell for.

Is a Fortnite TV Show Coming to Disney XD?

As of writing: absolutely not. There is no deal in place from Epic Games, nor Disney, for a Fortnite TV show to debut in August 2019 or at any other time in the near-future. These rumors have all stemmed from a Twitter account, @DisnayXD, whose main aim in life seems to be to trick users on Twitter into thinking it’s the official Disney XD account. Here’s the Tweet in question but, please, don’t give that person any more attention:

What is the Fortnite TV Show Release Date?

There isn’t one. While some outlets have picked up on the tweet and used it to formulate an article around the idea of a Fortnite TV show, there has not been a press release stating anything regarding a release date, nor a network deal, nor anything else in that ballpark.

Having said that, it can be seen as odd that Epic hasn’t really capitalized on Fortnite‘s incredible popularity with a rushed TV show or movie to bring in the masses. Maybe that’s still to come. For now, though, there is nothing of the sort regarding a TV show, just salacious rumors that should be ignored, avoided or, at best, blocked. Because they’re all wrong and should be avoided like the plague.