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Sea of Thieves Alliances: Are Clans Coming to the Game?

The seven seas are about to get a whole lot choppier. That’s because Rare is on the verge of introducing Sea of Thieves alliances, which will allow more than one crew to team up. What that means for PvP is still up in the air but, as you can see from the release date below, we’ve not got long until we dive into the murky, potentially clan-filled waters that make up the game.

Sea of Thieves Alliances: Are Clans Coming to the Game?

It sure sounds like it. The Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails update post from Rare indicates that players will be able to, at least informally, team-up with other crews to face larger and more terrifying creatures that could soon be on the (literal) horizon.

‘An Alliance system is also added which encourages crews to band together in pursuit of their goals, tackling greater challenges and sharing the rewards,’ confirms Rare.

While that may not sound like an official clan system, it’s undoubtedly the nearest we’ve come to both larger crews appearing in-game and the possibility of grander, server-encompassing events being introduced. A Spies vs. Mercs-esque double cross mechanic would be brilliant, so I hope Rare has that up their sleeve.

When is the Sea of Thieves Alliances Release Date?

Sea of Thieves alliances will come packed in with the Cursed Sails update which sets sail on July 31 on Xbox One and PC.

Sea of Thieves Alliances End Date

Intriguingly enough, Rare is doubling down on Sea of Thieves alliances. In its own words, alliances are a ‘permanent’ addition to the game, and could yet form the foundation of even more large content updates down the line. Who knows, we may even get an expanded world and an even bigger player count on in-game servers to accommodate the changes.