The World Ends With You Tin Pin Slammer


Tin Pin Slammer (or Tin Pin) is a mini-game enabled when you receive the sticker (S) Tin Pin Versus. Tin Pin can be played against NPC opponents, or, using Mingle Mode, against real opponents. The rewards from the game include pins and MPP. There are books in-game that tell you tips about this game (in the Swag List), but most of the information has been complied onto this page. Tin Pins can also be used as psychs during battle, each with a unique ability as always, though most Tin Pins don't evolve at all. Read on for more information about Tin Pin gameplay, rules, and pin stats.

Rules & Abilities

Tin Pin Slammer is won by knocking all of your opponent's pins off of the battlefield, or having the highest score when time runs out. You gain a point for stunning your opponent's pin with a technique, and you gain two points by eliminating an opponent's pin. If all of your pins are eliminated, your score will be reduced to zero. When one of your pins are eliminated, it will be replaced by the next pin in your deck, going from left to right. When a new pin comes in to play, it will flicker and be unable to act for a short time (invincibility period). During this period of time, enemy attacks will pass through it.

There are four techniques (special moves) which pins can make use of. In order to use these abilities, you must press the D-pad in the direction of the move you wish to use. Each pin has a set amount of times they can use each technique, ranging anywhere from not at all to dozens of times. The techniques are as follows:

Stinger (Right):The stinger causes your pin to enlarge and grow spikes. You can not move your pin while it is in this state. If an opponent's pin touches your pin while the stinger is activated, the opponent's pin will be stunned. The amount of time the stinger lasts varies from pin to pin.

Dive Bomber (Up): When you use the bomber, your pin will leap off the screen and a cross hair will take it's place. You can then direct the cross hair by pressing anywhere on the touch screen. After an amount of time, which varies from pin to pin has passed, your pin will crash down onto the field like a meteor, stunning anything it impacts upon. This does not bypass the stinger effect however, and your pin will be stunned if it collides with somebody using the stinger.

Sledgehammer (Left):When you use the hammer, a hammer will extend from your pin, and rotate around it. If the hammerhead strikes an opponent's pin, the pin will be stunned. However, the handle has no effect. The hammer's duration, rotation speed, number of rotations around your pin, and the handle's length all vary from pin to pin. You can use the hammer to strike a pin that's using stinger to disable the stinger effect and stun it.

Helping Hand (Down): The hand can only be used when your pin has been knocked off of the field. If used early on during your pin's fall to it's demise, a hand will form and knock your pin back onto the field.

Effectiveness Note:Dive Bombing is most effect against the Sledgehammer, the Stinger counters Dive Bombing every time, and the Sledgehammer will crush the Stinger to pieces. Each time you succeed in using a move (excludes the Helping Hand), you will gain one point.

Panels & Fields

Aside from regular panels, there are quite a few field variations and panel differentiations. Each panel/field is separate and unique, so use each one to your advantage!


Red L-Block:Also known as the invisible panel. When you send your Tin Pin into one of these, your pin will become invisible, but that doesn't mean you are invincible, you are still vulnerable to Pin Slams and abilities.

Red Fan: Sends your pin in the air for a brief period. Pins can soar over all obstacles and other pins while airborne

Blue Warping Circle: These panels teleport your Tin Pin to another Blue Warping Circle. Useful for getting away from opponents.

Bricks: These bricks are off the stage, but they act like walls and prevent Tin Pins from falling.

Metal Panels: Metal Panels are extremely slick and can send your pin skyrocketing off the edge if you're not careful.


Jungle:This field does not have any panels, but each panel is replaced with grass and other obstacles. It has a weird awkward shape and has trees, rocks, and bushes. The doodads are usually bouncy once you hit them, so beware.

Large Field:The large field isn't that different from the basic field. This field is longer (vertically) and is the only stage I know that contains bricks.


This is a list of all pins with Tin Pin-related information. You can sort this table by clicking on the arrows at the top of any column.

  Name Class Weight Spin Ko length Stinger Bomber Hammer Hand
Pin 001Ice BlowA9900441313550011
Pin 002Ice RisersA9911551313334400
Pin 003Frozen CoolReaper9922331515440000
Pin 004Blizzard CoolReaper9933441616000011
Pin 005EarthshakeB99444477554411
Pin 006Sexy DB99554466884400
Pin 007Sexy +B99666699447711
Pin 008Sexy BB99774444559900
Pin 009StraitjacketB99885500779922
Pin 010Blown KissAngel99993344775500
Pin 011D+BA991010440011114422
Pin 012Happy BeamA3300446600121200
Pin 013Natural MagnumA33113377550011
Pin 014Wonder MagnumA3322331111005500
Pin 015Beauty LauncherA33334455884411
Pin 016One Love MagnumA33333333558800
Pin 017Hounder MagnumA33443344557700
Pin 018Bear Hug MagnumA3344440011116611
Pin 019Sparkle BeamA33445588553322
Pin 020Lil' Terror BazookaA33554477777700
Pin 021Angel MagnumA33553366338800
Pin 022Cutie BeamA33554444885511
Pin 023Lovely BeamA3355551010440033
Pin 024Sexy BeamA3366330010109900
Pin 025Superfine BeamA33664444554411
Pin 026Playmate BeamA33663355007711
Pin 027Purity LauncherA33774455994400
Pin 028Innocence BeamA33773366445500
Pin 029Pop PendulumA33775533665533
Pin 030Casual PendulumA33885577223333
Pin 031Love Me TetherA3388441010445500
Pin 032Pamper me TetherA3388441313007711
Pin 033Sweet Talk TetherA3388551515440022
Pin 034Natural PuppyA33994444776600
Pin 035FranticC8800334400171700
Pin 036Blink StepC88004477554411
Pin 037First GearC88004455335522
Pin 038Top GearC88114466666600
Pin 039Egg BombB88115588888800
Pin 040Meteor MagnetB8811443312123311
Pin 041Meteor HookB8822440015154400
Pin 042Meteor SpikeB8822445516160000
Pin 043Strong HeartC88225555224433
Pin 044Strong SpiritC88332200446600
Pin 045Strong BodyC88334499663311
Pin 046Strong 'n ProudB8844441111007700
Pin 047Poison ScorpionA8844556610100022
Pin 048Poison SkullA8855441010334400
Pin 049Poison BonesA88554455777711
Pin 050Poison ChainsA88664466448800
Pin 051Rapier GlanceA8866443310104411
Pin 052Love ChargeAngel88774433333333
Pin 053Guardian AngelAngel88774488558800
Pin 054ArchangelAngel8888441010770000
Pin 055Energy FactorAngel88883355005511
Pin 056Speed FactorAngel88994433777700
Pin 057Supply FactorA8899330010109900
Pin 058ChaosA8810104444885511
Pin 059Pavo RealA8812124455883311
Pin 060Lightning MoonA5500441199101000
Pin 061Lightning StormA55004477338811
Pin 062Burning CherryA5511445512120000
Pin 063Burning MelonA5511550012125522
Pin 064Burning BerryA5522443312123300
Pin 065Aqua MonsterB55224455448811
Pin 066Aqua GhostB55334488664400
Pin 067Aqua DemonB55334488443311
Pin 068Cornered RatB55443355447700
Pin 069Blast WarningA5544440011116611
Pin 070Candle ServiceA5555443314143300
Pin 071Shock WarningA5555447710100011
Pin 072Kinetic WarningC5566445510103300
Pin 073Impact WarningB5566550023230022
Pin 074Storm WarningC55774444666611
Pin 075Electric WarningB55884466774400
Pin 076Teleport WarningC5599441010007700
Pin 077ShoutA55994400669911
Pin 078Psych SupportA5510103333777700
Pin 079Stopper SparkA551111440010104422
Pin 080Mus RattusA5512123355556600
Pin 081MasamuneA77004499008811
Pin 082OnikiriA77005544773322
Pin 083NenekiriA77115599999900
Pin 084KanesadaA77113300558811
Pin 085EnjuA77224466884400
Pin 086YoshimitsuA77223300888800
Pin 087IchimonjiB7733441010443300
Pin 088NikkariB7733661111886611
Pin 089MikazukiB7744441212334400
Pin 090ShiroB7744551414440022
Pin 091UnjoB7755441515002200
Pin 092IzanagiB7755551616005511
Pin 093MurasameA7766440077101000
Pin 094RakuyoA77664499990011
Pin 095KusanagiA77774444777700
Pin 096OhabariA7777441414005511
Pin 097ZantetsuB7788331010334400
Pin 098MitamaB7788440044151500
Pin 099IzanamiA7799330010105500
Pin 100OnmyoA77994455445511
Pin 101KonohanaA7710106633443344
Pin 102Konohana SakuyaA7710104488445500
Pin 103Jupiter of the MonkeyA7712125577009922
Pin 104Long Live the RockC1010003355553311
Pin 105Long Live the IceB101011440099101000
Pin 106Long Live the FloeB1010224433447722
Pin 107Eyes Full of HopeB1010333333334411
Pin 108Eyes Full of LightB1010444499880011
Pin 109Hot GazeC101055445514140000
Pin 110Sizzling GazeC101066550014144422
Pin 111Cold StareB1010773388336600
Pin 112Icy StareB1010885555445533
Pin 113Wassup Thunder!B1010994433997700
Pin 114Wassup Lightning!B101010104400996611
Pin 115Wassup Voltage!B101011114433666611
Pin 116Indestructo ManA10101313440010104422
Pin 117Hip SnakeA10101515445500101011
Pin 118Octo SqueezeReaper7711443377101000
Pin 119Snail SqueezeReaper7722440077121200
Pin 120Vacu SqueezeReaper7733444400131311
Pin 121Gimmie Dat SheepReaper7744440088141400
Pin 122Gimme Dat ElephantReaper7755446600151500
Pin 123Gimme Dat HippoReaper7755440000181811
Pin 124Crackle Pop BarrierA7766440011117700
Pin 125Splish Splash BarrierA77664444773322
Pin 126Creepy Weepy BarrierA7777441010004411
Pin 127Whirlygig JuggleC7788336610100000
Pin 128Healing BunnyA77886633665533
Pin 129Healing FlamingoA77886622775533
Pin 130Healing WhaleA77995511555533
Pin 131Croc LeisureA77993355556600
Pin 132Monkey LeisureA77994499006611
Pin 133Bear LeisureA77101044101010100000
Pin 134Squirrel LeisureA7710104466446611
Pin 135Sparkle ChargeAngel7712125555771133
Pin 136Handsfree HealingAngel7712122244990000
Pin 137Sheep HeavenlyA771515445500101022
Pin 138DistortionB66003300888800
Pin 139Velocity AttackA66114477555511
Pin 140Velocity TackleA661144001010101000
Pin 141Demon's HatredA6622443315153311
Pin 142Go 2 HellB6622441212660000
Pin 143Go 2 HeavenB6633441212334400
Pin 144Lightning AngerB6633553344151522
Pin 145Lightning RageB6644440044181800
Pin 146LIVE!A66444488446611
Pin 147Peace FullA66556611666644
Pin 148ThanxA6655441010334411
Pin 149D.I.YA66664466773311
Pin 150Tigre PunksA66773355775500
Pin 151One Stone, Many BirdsB44004488007722
Pin 152One Stroke, Vast WealthB44113300779900
Pin 153One Grain, Infinite PromiseB44224488990011
Pin 154Self Found, Others LostB4433335500101000
Pin 155Fiery Spirit, Spirited FireA4444440012126611
Pin 156Flames Afar, Foes AflameA4455443312124400
Pin 157Final Pyre, All ExpiredA4455440014144411
Pin 158Blue Blood Burns BlueB4466444416160000
Pin 159Live Slow, Die FastB44664477008822
Pin 160Local Fire, Distant SeaB44774455885500
Pin 161June Earth, January FanB44773333668800
Pin 162Swift Storm, Swift EndB44885577999911
Pin 163Black Sky, White BoltB4410105577007722
Pin 164Follow Suit, Fall in TurnB4412124400999900
Pin 165Dragon CoutureA4415154499009911
Pin 166Lolita BatA55005555553322
Pin 167Skull RabbitA55114433887700
Pin 168KaleidoscopeB55223344885500
Pin 169Lolita EmblemB5533441414440011
Pin 170Lolita ChopperB5544441616006600
Pin 171Link SpiderC55554400999911
Pin 172Web SpiderC55663355665500
Pin 173Network SpiderC55774488008811
Pin 174Lolita MicA55884488885500
Pin 175Spider's SilkB5599443311113300
Pin 176LeopardA5510106655660044
Pin 177Lolita SkullA551111331010770000
Pin 178Black RoseA5512124455664411
Pin 179Lapin AngeliqueA5515154433885511
Pin 180Thunder PawnA11003300669900
Pin 181Lightning PawnA11004433777711
Pin 182Aqua PawnB11113366990000
Pin 183Swing BishopA11115544554433
Pin 184Pegaso BishopA11225555336633
Pin 185King ArthurA11334400999911
Pin 186ExcaliburA11444433996600
Pin 187Thunder RookB11554455445522
Pin 188Lightning RookB1166441111770000
Pin 189Jack's KnightC11774466447711
Pin 190King's KnightC11884499009900
Pin 191Queen's KnightC11993333774400
Pin 192Her Royal HighnessAngel1110104444994400
Pin 193PegasoA1113134477008811
Pin 194Lazy BomberA22004400999900
Pin 195Flower of FlameA2200553315150022
Pin 196Flower of FireA2200550016165511
Pin 197Kewl LineB2211447700111100
Pin 198Dope LineB2211443344111111
Pin 199Wild LineB2222440055131300
Pin 200Fly LineA2222330044141400
Pin 201Fresh LineA2233443300151511
Pin 202Microcosmic PullB2233444417173300
Pin 203Cosmic PullB2244440019195500
Pin 204Macrocosmic PullB2255551119192222
Pin 205DissA2266441111770000
Pin 206Wild BoarA22885577114433
Pin 207Big BangB66334433777711
Pin 208Big CrunchB66113377446600
Pin 209Swift as the Wind---6611440044101011
Pin 210Hushed as the Wood---66223355448800
Pin 211Fierce as the Flame---66225577449911
Pin 212Stalwart as the Mount---66333333339900
Pin 213Black MarsA66334477664411
Pin 214Black JupiterA66444400777722
Pin 215Black UranusA6655446611113300
Pin 216Black VenusA6666447710100011
Pin 217Black SaturnA6666440077101000
Pin 218Black MercuryB66773344884400
Pin 219Righty CatA6677446611110011
Pin 220Brainy CatA66884466449911
Pin 221Lefty CatA66884466009922
Pin 222One Jump from Eden---66992200445500
Pin 223One Skip from Eden---66993333557700
Pin 224One Hop from Eden---6610104433994411
Pin 225One Step from Eden---6610103344666600
Pin 226Eden's Door---661212447700101011
Pin 227Visionary BlendAngel6612126600665544
Pin 228Red SkullA6615155544668822
Pin 229GatitoA661515440011117711
Pin 230Tin Pin FireC55444433445511
Pin 231Tin Pin CustomB55554444554400
Pin 232Tin Pin WindA66664466333300
Pin 233Tin Pin BladeB66334455444411
Pin 234Tin Pin WheelA44774477660011
Pin 235Tin Pin DashA55224400668811
Pin 236Tin Pin ThriftA77554477444411
Pin 237Tin Pin HellfireA66114400887711
Pin 238Tin Pin SunscorchB55444477446600
Pin 239Tin Pin RockerA77114499118822
Pin 240Tin Pin ArtistA22224477557711
Pin 241Tin Pin DevilB22334455996611
Pin 242Tin Pin IfritA77004499779911
Pin 243Tin Pin ShivaReaper44444499995511
Pin 244Tin Pin GolemB554444551010101022
Pin 245Tin Pin BahamutReaper6666447755131322
Pin 2461 Yen---22554455667700
Pin 2475 Yen---33994499008811
Pin 24810 Yen---44003333885500
Pin 24950 Yen---5544445500101011
Pin 250100 Yen---66444488883311
Pin 251500 Yen---7733551010990022
Pin 2521000 Yen---8877330066111100
Pin 2535000 Yen---9977440088101000
Pin 25410000 Yen---101015152233335500
Pin 255Scarletite---88005500666633
Pin 256Rare Metal---8833440010109900
Pin 257Tektite---88664488009911
Pin 258Adamantite---88884488773300
Pin 259Orichalcum---8812125555336622
Pin 260Shadow Matter---8815154444885500
Pin 261Dark Matter---8815154455993311
Pin 262Rhyme---55665500888822
Pin 263Lucky StarC101000554410100022
Pin 264Lady LuckC22665566663322
Pin 265Lucky PandaC11223300998800
Pin 266PyrokinesisA55994444995511
Pin 267ShockwaveA44114455885511
Pin 268Cure DrinkA66445577007733
Pin 269Force RoundsA44334477555511
Pin 270PsychokinesisC77553300997700
Pin 271ThunderboltC2212124433775511
Pin 272The Eyes Have ItB8844330010107700
Pin 273I Live for FoodA99445533667733
Pin 274Walk on, Walk offC11663366445500
Pin 275Me Time is Free TimeReaper8822554400161611
Pin 276Fuji YamaB3310104488446600
Pin 277DarumaB7788440014145500
Pin 278SushiB55004455776600
Pin 279ShinobiA444444101000101000
Pin 280TigrisReaper4455441717005500
Pin 281CorehogAngel55334444777700
Pin 282JellyReaper6666440011116600
Pin 283SharkReaper881010445500151500
Pin 284LeoReaper22884488664400
Pin 285OvisReaper331212440010104422
Pin 286CornixAngel7788444417170011
Pin 287PopguinAngel55114488444411
Pin 288PteropusAngel66995533555533
Pin 289MinkReaper5599440044181800
Pin 290BoomerAngel4477661818000033
Pin 291SprogReaper88003399335500
Pin 292FoxAngel5522445513130011
Pin 293BatAngel66335500994433
Pin 294RhinoReaper661212444400161611
Pin 295ShrewReaper77774488555500
Pin 296WoollyReaper88664477007711
Pin 297RavenReaper88665533886622
Pin 298DrakeAngel551111440017170000
Pin 299AnguisReaper101066336600101000
Pin 300PigReaper55775577663322
Pin 301CarcinReaper7766445512120011
Pin 302GrizzlyReaper881515445533101000
Pin 303WolfAngel3333440010106611
Pin 304FrogAngel6655445500121200