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Fortnite Week 2 Secret Battle Star Location: Road Trip Guide

The Fortnite Week 2 Secret Battle Star location will be your reward upon completing all seven of the Season 5 Week 2 Challenges. After finishing all seven of the challenges, you will find yourself greeted with a new loading screen. The loading screen will feature a clue, which hints at the location of another Battle Star. This Battle Star will push you into a new, free tier. Instead of figuring out the hint all on your lonesome, we’ve done the hard work for you. Scroll down and we’ll reveal all!

Fortnite Week 2 Secret Battle Star Location

fortnite week 2 secret battle star location

As can be seen below, the Fortnite Week 2 secret Battle Star location is just to the north of where it says Lazy Links. You’ll find it by heading to the main building in the center of Lazy Links and climbing to the roof. If you have completed all seven of the Week 2 challenges, the Battle Star will appear when you get close. Head to where we have placed a red dot above, find the Battle Star and hit the “search” prompt. You’ll get a message confirming your free tier.

Finding this second secret Battle Star is paramount in your quest to unlock the Road Trip skin. Each week there will be a new secret Battle Star to find, or something similar. Completing each week’s worth of Season 5 challenges will net you with a hefty 5,000 XP and a new loading screen that hints at the location of something… typically a secret Battle Star. Complete each week of Season 5 and you’ll earn yourself the Road Trip Skin. You’ll need to find each Battle Star (or whatever it may be) every week, as doing so will unlock a new free tier, which is required to earn that sweet sweet Road Trip Skin.

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