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Fortnite Week 3 Secret Tier Battle Star Location: Road Trip Guide

The Fortnite Week 3 secret tier Battle Star location is hidden well! If you’ve managed to complete all seven of the Week 3 Battle Pass challenges, then you’ll have unlocked the Fortnite Week 3 loading screen, which helps spruce up the view while you’re waiting for games to load. Happily, that’s not all it does. No, the Week 3 loading screen actually contains a hint at a hidden secret tier which, once hunted down and found, will provide that extra boost up the ladder towards 100. If you’ve managed to unlock the Week 3 loading screen, finding this secret tier is a no-brainer, as it’s essentially a free boost for very little effort!

Fortnite Week 3 Secret Tier Battle Star Location

As shown below, the Fortnite Week 3 secret tier Battle Star location is on the northeast coast. Head to this location once you have completed all seven Week 3 challenges, and you’ll see a Battle Star icon pop up, ready for claiming! Hit “Search” and you’ll have unlocked the secret tier. Nice and easy!

Fortnite Week 3 Secret Tier

Finding this secret tier will also help you on the road to unlocking the Road Trip skin, which is arguably the most-wanted Battle Pass Season 5 skin. You need to complete seven separate weeks of challenges in order to unlock it. Currently, there are three weeks of challenges available to complete. That means we’re not even at the halfway point for this incredibly lengthy challenge!

As you hopefully know, completing all seven of the Forntite Week 3 challenges also unlocks a bonus 5,000 XP, pushing your player level forward considerably.

Join me again next week, where we’ll be detailing the Fortnite Week 4 secret tier Battle Star location, along with other guides explaining how to complete that week’s set of challenges.

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