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No Man’s Sky Rocket Boots Bug Explained: How to Use Rocket Boots

There is a No Man’s Sky Rocket Boots bug that players are having to deal with right now in the game. The Rocket Boots are a new item that players can equip and use to traverse around planets. Considering that a vast majority of your time in the game is spent exploring planets when not in your ship, enhancing your movement is key.

The jetpack was already a way to quickly blast across a planet’s landscapes but the No Man’s Sky Rocket Boots allow you to navigate the environments in a different way. However, players are dealing with a certain bug regarding the boots. We are going to go over how to use them and what’s happening with the bug.

No Man’s Sky Rocket Boots Explained: How to Use

As for how to use the No Man’s Sky Rocket Boots, it’s actually really simple. You can use them by rapidly pressing the jump button (the same one for your jetpack) instead of holding it down like you would with the jetpack. The rocket boots are meant to launch you up to higher locations that you would previously be able to with just the jetpack. However, that isn’t actually the case right now.

No Man’s Sky Rocket Boots Bug Explained

Unfortunately, there is a No Man’s Sky Rocket Boots bug that players are dealing with right now. Even having it equipped doesn’t work as it should. Instead, rapidly pressing the button as required just makes the jetpack go off and not the boots. Sadly, there is no fix for this currently.

Your best bet is to have some patience and wait for a hotfix for the No Man’s Sky Rocket Boots bug. To do that, keep an eye here and on the Hello Games Twitter page until a fix is ready for the game.