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Octopath Traveler Locked Character Change: How to Change Main Character

Even though there are eight characters, you can have trouble knowing how to change the Octopath Traveler Main Character. Your main character of the eight travelers is the one that you picked first. Unfortunately, there is a problem that you have to contend with regarding this person that we are going to help you with.

When it comes to your Octopath Traveler Main Character, you will want to make sure you select someone who is definitely interesting to you and a major help for your team. Let’s discuss how you go about changing this person so that they aren’t in your party anymore.

How to Change Octopath Traveler Locked Main Character

When it comes to how to change the Octopath Traveler Locked Main Character, it can be pretty tough. If you weren’t aware, the person you select to play as first is locked into your party. Everyone else in your party can be switched around easily by simply heading to a tavern but that isn’t the case for your main character.

The Octopath Traveler Main Character is locked into your party and can’t be switched like the other three in your party. This can be especially frustrating if you happened to pick someone you don’t actually like or isn’t as useful in your team. Unfortunately, there is only one way to get them out.

In order to change your Octopath Traveler Main Character, you will have to complete their whole story and all four chapters associated with it. Yes, you are stuck with them until their story is complete. However, there are ways to help with this without starting over. If the character is not super useful, we recommend getting them an awesome secondary job that will help mix up their skills. Or grinding your way and completing their story immediately.