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Fortnite Guided Missile Nerf: Fewer Rockets, Less Control and Other Nerfs

The Fortnite Guided Missile is making its explosive return to the Battle Royale game! Players should be glad to learn that the controversial weapon will be coming back soon. It was originally introduced earlier this year, instantly becoming a popular weapon. Due to negative feedback, it was removed by Epic Games and locked away in the vault, until now, that is. However, it will be returning with a Fortnite Guided Missile Nerf fix to make sure it’s not overpowered like it used to be.

Fortnite Guided Missile Nerf: Fewer Rockets, Less Control, and Other Nerfs

Epic Games has announced that it will be making a number of changes to the Fortnite Guided Missile when it returns. According to the developer, it will now work more like a “scouting tool” rather than dealing obscene amounts of damage. What does this mean? The Fortnite Guided Missile Nerf changes include reduced movement speed, reduced turning radius, reduced damage and reduced damage radius.

That’s not all, folks. The Fortnite Guided Missile will be given an ammo cap of only 12 rockets in default modes. Additionally, the movement controls for mouse and keyboard have been improved to bring them more “in line with the controller experience.” At the time of writing, Epic Games has not revealed the Fortnite Guided Missile release date.

Fortnite Guided Missile Nerf: Fortnite Compact SMG Nerf And Fortnite Remote Explosives Nerf

Besides announcing the return of the Fortnite Guided Missile, Epic Games has also revealed that the Fortnite Compact SMG and Fortnite Remote Explosives are getting nerfed too. The radius at which the Fortnite Remote Explosives can damage structures has been reduced, and players are now required to stick them to an object before they can be detonated. To address complaints regarding the high availability of this weapon, the developer is also considering reducing its drop count. Meanwhile, check out our guide for more details and information on Fortnite Compact SMG Nerf changes.