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Fortnite Guided Missile Stats: How Big Was the Nerf?

The Fortnite guided missile stats are no longer something to rant and rave about, as the weapon has received a significant nerf, making it less frustrating for those who hated its pre-patch variant. It has received special attention on PC, tweaking its movements to be more like the console version.

Fortnite Guided Missile Stats

The new-and-improved Fortnite guided missile stats should make for a less frustrating, more balanced experience. The weapon is available in both Epic and Legendary variants. Its fuse duration has been reduced from 18 to 15 seconds, meaning less time for players to maneuver the rocket into the path of an enemy. Movement speed has also seen a decrease, down from 1100 to 1000. The next nerf hit the reload speed, increasing to 2.4/2.2.

The biggest nerfs hit player and structure damage. The Fortnite guided missile used to 105/110 damage against players; now it only does 74/77. Against structures, the previous damage of 1100 has been dropped down to just 400.

PC players are able to control the Fortnite guided missile with the standard default movement inputs, no longer having to rely on the mouse. However, those on PC may find it more difficult to control the guided missile, as its movement has been adjusted to match the console version. This essentially means controls won’t be as tight, and maneuverability will have taken a hit.

The new Fortnite guided missile stats have been implemented in the new 5.10 Content Update, which also adds a new Fly Explosives limited time mode. This mode is the perfect place to get used to the tweaked guided missile weapon, in addition to the other explosives currently in rotation.

If you’re not a fan of the big Fortnite guided missile nerf, don’t give up all hope, as Epic Games has gone ahead and buffed other, previously weak weapons. It’s possible that the guided missile will receive similar treatment.

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