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Fortnite Crossbow: Is the Crossbow Back in Fortnite?

Well, this is a strange one. The Fortnite Crossbow should have been back in the game today but, as of yet, there’s no sign of it. One of the battle royale’s best weapons was returning, as per the patch notes, but, as always, a helping of good news inevitably comes lumped with some bad. That’s because the Fortnite Crossbow isn’t actually back in the yet game yet and, when it does turn up, it won’t be around for long, as it’s been relegated to only a single game mode.

Fortnite Crossbow: Is the Crossbow Back in Fortnite?

The ranged weapon was all ready to be back in Fortnite and ready to send a solid stream of arrows your opponent’s way… or so we thought Unfortunately, as per the original Fortnite 5.10 patch notes, the Crossbow is only back as part of a Playground LTM update.

Now, though, all traces of the Fortnite Crossbow has been removed from Epic’s news story. The plot thickens with a tweet from Epic stating that some items didn’t make it into the game as planned. This could very well be the fabled Crossbow.

Joining the Crossbow in (potentially) returning to the Playground Mode is the Guided Missile.

Can You Use the Fortnite Crossbow Outside of Playground LTM?

When (or, indeed, if) the Fortnite Crossbow does make it into the game, it appears that it will only be able to be used during Playground Mode, so won’t return as part of any Solo, Duos or Squads matches in the battle royale.

Why was the Fortnite Crossbow Originally Removed?

Simply put, because it was unbalanced. Certain versions of the crossbow came with unlimited ammo and, thanks to its speed, would leave quite a severe amount of destruction in its wake. The Fortnite Crossbow was removed in May’s season 4 and hasn’t been seen since.