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Tera Update 1.13 Console Patch Notes Explained: Read All PS4 Changes Here

Another week, another update. This time, we’ve got the Tera Update 1.13 console patch notes for you to sift through. Are you a fan of the MMO since its release on console recently? Well, then you’ll be happy to know that another update for the game is out right now. It is a decently sized one that fixes and changes content.

The Tera Update 1.13 console patch notes come soon after the release of the first class to join the game after the console launch, Gunner. Does this update change that new class at all? Or is it meant to do something else instead? Find out right now. Let’s dig in and look at what’s new with this latest update.

Tera Update 1.13 PS4/Xbox One Patch Notes Explained: All Fixes

Unfortunately, the Tera Update 1.13 console patch notes are actually really, really small this time around. This update isn’t a huge one like previous updates and is mostly meant for fixing some hot problems that the console version of the MMO has been dealing with.

Regardless of its small size, though, the Tera Update 1.13 console patch notes detail some important fixes that will improve the gameplay and feel of the game so that these problems will, hopefully, not happen again for players on console. You can find the full list of the changes and fixes below:

  • Added fixes for stuttering and crashing issues.
  • Tera version 1.13 added various bug fixes.
  • Added stability improvements.

And that’s it for the Tera Update 1.13 console patch notes! While it is a small update in terms of changes and fixes, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an important one. With some major content additions and patches on the way for the console version in the future, players can look forward to more substantial updates for the game to arrive soon enough.