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Black Ops 4 Beta Title Update 4 Patch Notes: What’s Changed in the Hotfix?

For those getting ready to play the Black Ops 4 Beta on the PlayStation 4 in Europe then hold your horses just for one second. That’s because there’s the small matter of the newest Black Ops 4 Beta Title Update 4 which, until you’ve downloaded the hotfix, you’ll be unable to play the preview, which kicks off imminently. Here’s what’s included in the update (via Activision’s patch notes) and how to install the small download.

Black Ops 4 Beta Title Update 4: What’s Changed in the Hotfix?

While it may seem like only a minor change, the Black Ops 4 Beta Title Update 4 is mandatory. Here’s what Activision has to say about it (via its official support site):

An update is required for players in Europe accessing the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta. Please note that the update will come in two parts.

  • The main update—approximately 1.2 GB—will install in the “copying” stage on your PlayStation 4.
  • Once the main update is complete, there will be another quick installation of the language pack.

Please be sure to allow both installations to complete before attempting to access the Beta.

Check your Notifications after the first installation, and you should see the second installation begin.

At first glance, it appears the hotfix both installs a language pack, perfect for non-native English speakers, as well as just a bit of spit and polish to get things in ship-shape order before launching to the masses.

Black Ops 4 Beta Title Update 4: How to Install

To install, simply go to open up the Black Ops 4 Beta on your PS4. You’ll then be met with a notification of the update. To check the progress of the 1.2 GB update, go to notifications on the top bar of your XMB. It’ll first “copy” then be under “installing”. Once that’s done, quit out of the still-open Black Ops 4 Beta and click on the tile again. The update will now be installed.