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Fortnite ATK Removed: Where Is the All Terrain Kart?

Uh oh, we’ve got a Fortnite ATK removed” situation over here, joined by the shopping cart which has also been disabled. According to Epic Games, both Fortnite vehicles have been removed from all game modes due to a bug. This isn’t the first time that the shopping cart has been pulled from live servers to be tweaked, with the developers clearly having trouble getting it to behave. Now the Fortnite all-terrain vehicle has been causing problems, too!

Fortnite ATK Removed: Where Is the All Terrain Kart?

The Fortnite ATK and shopping cart have been removed because of a “bug.” Epic Games hasn’t gone into detail about what exactly is causing the issues, but the team has promised to update players once the problem has been resolved.

Previously, we’ve seen the Fortnite shopping cart been removed because of players reaching areas that are supposed to be out of bounds. We’ve also seen the shopping cart go wildly out of control and result in a heavy amount of damage.

Fortnite ATK Removed: How to Complete the Flaming Hoops Challenge Without a Shopping Kart or ATK

Fortnite ATK Removed

Now that the Fortnite ATK and shopping carts have been disabled, it begs the question as to how players are supposed to complete the Week 4 challenges, one of which tasks users with driving through flaming hoops. An ATK or shopping cart is part of the requirement here, meaning players who haven’t yet completed this challenge will now have to wait for the vehicles to return.

This is no doubt going to disappoint a lot of players who wanted to complete the Fortnite Week 4 challenges over the weekend. Unfortunately, it looks like waiting is all that users can do. Hopefully Epic Games doesn’t take to long to fix the ATK and shopping cart issues, before implementing them back into the game.