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Fortnite Cage Trap: What is the Datamined New Fortnite Item?

God bless those dataminers. Thanks to their persistent efforts, we already know well in advance new modes, weapons (such as the Heavy Sniper), and other miscellaneous improvements well ahead of time. They’ve done it yet again, too, by uncovering a new Fortnite item. Say hello to the Fortnite Cage Trap; it promises to be an item that may cause some ire among some of the veterans of the community, so let’s explore what we’re possibly in for.

Fortnite Cage Trap: What is the Datamined New Fortnite Item?

Thanks to the folks over at XDA Developers, we now have a rough idea of what the Fortnite 5.2 patch looks like. Among the reams of data spooling out from the datamine, one new addition sticks out like a sore thumb. The Fortnite Cage Trap appears to be a brand-new trap and one that does exactly what it says on the tin: trap people.

When is the Fortnite Cage Trap Release Date?

There’s no official Epic-approved release date for the items found in the 5.2 notes but we can expect movements across the next few weeks. Epic tends to release new updates every Tuesday, so we could see it as soon as August 7, though August 14 or August 21 are far more likely candidates.

What Can We Expect from the Fortnite Cage Trap?

The Fortnite Cage Trap could be genius or a bust from the get-go. There’s a real chance that the new trap, which will be set by placing it on the ground, could be overpowered. If that’s the case, expect fan uproar and a swift removal from the game.

But there’s another way this could go. If done correctly, the Fortnite Cage Trap could radically change aspects of the game, making the battle royale a far more tactical affair than before. Traps could be sprung more effectively, with patience being the best weapon of choice, rather than outright brute-force. Of course, the perpetually oncoming storm negates too much waiting around, but there’s every chance this could change the landscape of everything from competitive to casual Fortnite gameplay. Watch this space.