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Sea of Thieves 1.21 Update: Patch Notes, Missing Kraken, More

Ahoy, ye salty seadogs! The Sea of Thieves 1.21 update has come aboard and, with it, a bunch of patch notes outlining Cursed Sails changes, a fix to performance issues, and even a quick goodbye in the form of the Kraken leaving the seven seas (for now). Read on below to scope out the update’s main changes, full patch notes, and more.

Sea of Thieves 1.21 Update: Main Changes

The minor update from Rare allows players who aren’t able to hop on Sea of Thieves every day the chance to encounter different battles every week with the new Cursed Sails Battle Times feature.

Other updates to the Cursed Sails event allows for greater time for players to pull up as much plunder as possible from the watery depths. Despawn times have also been reduced.

Additionally, “multiple server and client crash fixes” have been put in place, so sailing the ocean blue should be a far smoother experience than before. Still, watch out for cannonballs.

Sea of Thieves 1.21 Update: Where is the Kraken?

The seas are safe. But you may not want it that way. Rare has announced that the mystical creature has been “temporarily disabled” but it’s hoping for an imminent fix. Until the next update or hotfix, however, the Kraken will not be a part of Sea of Thieves due to “performance issues.”

Sea of Thieves 1.21 Update: Patch Notes

The full list of Sea of Thieves 1.21 update patch notes can be found here on the Sea of Thieves site. Below, we’ve cherry-picked some of the best update highlights for you to pore over.

  • The Kraken has been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.

    We are working to enable this feature as quickly as possible.
  • Skeleton Forts have been re-enabled.
  • Skeletons and animals now spawn as intended.
  • Players fired from cannons will no longer occasionally travel in unintended directions.
  • Cursed Sails Battle Times – Players who can only play during fixed times will be able to battle for a different region each week. For example, if this week your fixed playtime only allows you to encounter The Battle for the Shores of Plenty, next week you will encounter The Great Battle of the Ancient Isles during the same fixed playtime.