Box art - We Happy Few

We Happy Few Update: Patch Notes and Bug Fixes

We Happy Few may not be out until tomorrow and it already has a a big Day Zero patch. This We Happy Few update contains over 559 fixes including squashing bugs, progression-blocking problems, crashes, and “gameplay optimizations.” While that last one is a little vague, it sounds like the game could have uses this update for our review, which cited all sorts of technical issues. Here’s a look at what the Day Zero We Happy Few update contains.

We Happy Few Update: Patch Notes

-General improvement in the AI (Spawn, Pathing, Animation)

-Improvements in balance, drop rate, and crafting recipes

-Multiple fixes in the save system

-Fixed various game crash moments in Arthur’s quest “Oh Behave”

-Fixed progression blockers in Arthur’s quest “Future Perfect”

-Fixed progression blockers in Arthur’s quest “Britannia”

-Fixed progression blockers in Arthur’s quest “Rorke’s Drift Bridge”

-Fixed an often crash caused when generating a map for a new game

-Ollie’s main quests and side quests now give sufficient skill points to unlock all skills

-Cutscene now triggers properly for Sally’s quest “Gland of Hope and Glory”

-Arthur can now target Parade Wellies

-Fixed a rare startup crash

The team says that they “will continue to provide updates to the game, further improving gameplay and performance.” This is good to hear since our reviewer ran into multiple bugs during his playthrough, which dampened his feelings on the game. Our review was on the PC version, so it is possible that its technical issues might have hit that version the hardest. It is hard to say either way.

It’s also worth noting that this Day Zero We Happy Few update might only be live on Steam for the time being. The game is also launching on PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow so it’s entirely possible that it will make its way over to those systems when those versions go live. The update is also 7.8 gigs on Steam.